Quartz stone samples are easily contaminated during the process of making, packing, and transporting, especially the solid color plates, the stains are more likely to appear, and it is difficult to completely clean up, the following editor tells you how to easily get the sample stains.

The first is to avoid, in the process of processing and packaging the sample, try to avoid the sample being contaminated.

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1. Pollution during the thinning process: Generally, the template will be thinned, there is fixed thickness thinning, and there is split cutting thinning.

During the thickness and thinning process, the front contact with the thickness machine belt will occur. Due to the strong pressure of the thickness and the forward friction resistance, the stain on the thickness machine belt or the belt is firmly pressed on the contact surface of the plate, forming Stubborn stains. (Editor reminder: During the thickness reduction process, the plate is easy to be broken. You can consider laying a white coarse cloth on the bottom surface to relieve the impact). A layer of white cloth can kill two birds with one stone, which not only reduces the breakage of the board but also prevents the surface of the board from being contaminated. However, factories with tight production tasks would not choose this time-consuming and uneconomical thinning method.

For split cutting and thinning, generally choose front and back polishing, and then split cutting, not only can save costs but also can be processed in batches with high efficiency. However, in this process, not only will the polishing belt be contaminated, but it will also be contaminated by broken cutting and clamping. Therefore, during the clamping process, try to protect the surface to prevent scratches and pollution.

2. Pollution during the chamfering process: Generally, the template will be chamfered, so there may be clamping or touching during the chamfering process. Therefore, avoid the pollution caused by the clamping during the chamfering process, and prevent direct contact with the surface of the template with your hands, and try to wear it. protective gloves.

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3. Pollution of signs and labels: Since the samples need to be labeled or printed, the material of the signs or labels is the main culprit for the pollution of the samples. Therefore, the editor reminds everyone to avoid direct printing of logos as much as possible and does not advocate the use of uncoated labels. The editor recommends the use of film-coated stickers, which can not only design a beautiful appearance, improve the grade of the model, but also effectively avoid the pollution of the logo label on the model.

4. Pollution during the packaging process: The incorrect packaging method may cause the template to be completely scrapped during transportation. Therefore, a standardized packaging method is required. First of all, ensure that the surface of the template is clean, and then use a front-to-front, back-to-back vertical placement method. The sides are stuck with soft materials to minimize the rubbing between the samples.

5. The choice of the model box: The model box is placed on the model and tries to avoid direct contact with the surface of the model. Therefore, when designing the model box, it is necessary to choose a reasonable structure (Caesar’s model box is more scientific and reasonable, only showing the front of the model, others are easy to produce The defective surface is covered by the template box, which not only reduces the cost of chamfering the template but also avoids the pollution of the template).

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The second is cleaning. Generally, the samples are made by the production workshop and used directly by sales staff. Sales staff do not have perfect cleaning conditions. When encountering contaminated samples, how to clean them conveniently and effectively? You only need to keep wind oil and white gauze. Use gauze dipped in wind oil to rub the stain point back and forth several times, and then wipe it with clean gauze, it will make the model look new, which is a nirvana for the salesperson.