10.1, preparations.
10.1.1. Before production, check whether the limit switch and guardrail are normal and whether the track is running normally.
10.1.2. Check and empty test whether the hydraulic dumper is operating normally.

caesarstone cost per slab

OEM Caesarstone cost per slab

10.1.3. Check whether the storage rack is normal and whether it is deformed. If there is any foreign matter, clean it up in time.

Note: The plate storage rack here can only be used for the temporary storage of plates. Each shift must confirm the maximum inventory of plates according to the specifications and thickness of the plates.

10.1.4. After confirming that the equipment and track are normal, park the dump truck at the exit position (align with the exit track of the holding furnace).
10.2 Operation process.

10.2.1. After the plates are out of the holding furnace, turn on the plate-out rail switch and transfer the plates to the plate dumper.

10.2.2. Press the “right” button on the operating panel of the flipper, and move the flipper to about 20cm in front of the storage rack.

10.2.3. Press and hold the “up” button on the operation panel, and the flipper will turn up. After the plate slides to the pallet slot of the flipper, press the “right” button to move the flipper to the front of the storage rack. At 5CM,
Press and hold the “up” button to continue turning up, and at the same time tap the “right” button to close the plates and park them in parallel on the plate storage rack.

10.2.4. After the plate is parked in the storage rack, press the “left” button, and when the flipper moves to the left to about 40cm from the board surface, press the “down” button, the flipper will fall, and the flipper will fall flat. , Press and hold the “left” button to park the dump truck to the exit position to prepare for the next sheet.

quartz slab remnants

China quartz slab remnants

10.2.5. After parking a piece of board, check the parking situation of the board to ensure that the boards are aligned and tight, and there should be no gaps underneath.

10.2.6. After the plate storage quantity reaches the maximum storage capacity of the plate storage rack, transfer the plates to the rough plate storage area.

Note: During the plate transfer and hoisting process, the hoisting amount each time cannot exceed the specified maximum hoisting amount. During the lifting process, it is not allowed to stand in front of the front and back of the board to perform operations, and it must be ensured that no other personnel is within 3.5 meters from the board.

Maximum hoisting capacity of rough board 10 sheets 8 sheets 5 sheets Maximum hoisting amount of finished boards

10.2.7. Plates must be categorized and stored and marked, and they cannot be mixed.
10.2.8. At the end of each shift, cut off the power supply of the equipment and clean the site.

(1) Pay attention to check the curing of the board during the unloading process, and notify the team leader immediately if the curing is incomplete or deformed.

(2) It is not allowed to stand in front of the plate or in the running track of the unloader at any time.

green quartz slab

Colored green quartz slab

(3) Check the parking situation every time aboard is parked.

(4) After the plate storage quantity reaches the determined maximum storage capacity, it must be transferred, and excessive storage is strictly prohibited.

(5) If an abnormality occurs during the unloading process, immediately press the emergency stop button of the unloading truck and notify the person in charge of the team to deal with it.

(6) Operators must strictly follow the equipment operating regulations for operation and maintenance.