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Specialists In Quartz Stone Countertops

We are the most professional manufacturer in engineered quartz slabs, kitchen countertops & vanity tops more than 21 years in China.

Kitchen Countertops

Custom design engineered quartz stone colors accepted, like Calacatta Gold White marble series, Carrara White series or others, to satisfy the kitchen countertops.

Artfully Crafted

Long-lasting and beautiful surface: compact structure, no micropores, no water absorption, strong anti-fouling, daily condiments in the kitchen can’t penetrate at all. After precise polishing treatment, the product surface is easy to clean and maintain, can maintain long-lasting gloss and beautiful like New.

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Countertops Fabrication

More than 172+ different quartz colors we can supply, by good prices and quality as your requests.

Freshly New

No scratching: The surface hardness of the product is higher than that of ordinary ironware. Any household items can be placed on the table. (However, it is necessary to avoid scratching the table with high hardness items such as diamond, sandpaper, and cemented carbide).

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High Quality Quartz Stone

International auto quartz stone slab producing lines, keep the most high quality grade in engineered quartz stone slabs.

Perfect Lines

Dirt resistance: The quartz stone countertop has a high level of non-porous structure, and the water absorption rate is only 0.03%, which is sufficient to prove that the material is basically free of penetration. After each use on the countertop, rinse the countertop with water or neutral detergent Just.

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Bathroom Toilet Countertop

Both residential & commercial countertops & vanity tops could be finished very well by customers' drawigns.


Application: kitchen countertop, laboratory countertop, window sill, bar counter, elevator entrance, floor, wall, etc. In places where the building materials require high materials, engineered quartz stone is suitable, we can keep the surface and veins same as natural marble colors, such as Calacatta.

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Quartz Stone Countertop Projects

High-quality green and environmentally friendly quartz stone material, which has a soft and elegant color, and is inexpensive. It is the best choice for decoration of homes and public places. It is used for kitchen countertops, dining tables, washstands, window sills, bar counters, indoor wall surfaces, floors, etc. , Suitable for apartment, office building, shopping mall, hotel, subway station, airport, hospital, library and other different fields.


Why EDG Quartz Stone?

EDG Stone Quartz has 72 colors in 6 series. The 6 series are: Calacatta Gold, Linear Board, Mixed Color, Pure Color, Grain Series, and Crystal Series, each with different characteristics and the same high-end quality. The application of quartz stone is mainly in three aspects: countertop, wall and ground.

Our Customers Say

The quartz stone bathroom countertops of EDG Stone are exactly what we have been looking for, not only because of its high cost performance, but also because of their unparalleled professionalism. Thank you for your help!


Richard Xiong and his team impressed me very much, because their professional work and high-quality quartz countertop products have rejuvenated my hotel. I hope we will have more opportunities for cooperation.



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The reason why the quartz stone splicing glue does not dry for a long time

At present, quartz stone has been widely used in the entire architectural decoration. Quartz stone has a colorful appearance that can be adjusted manually and has the same hardness as natural stone. Therefore, the processing of quartz stone is different from ordinary artificial stone, especially for seamless splicing. For the glue used for splicing, many people recommend us to use the resin glue issued by the quartz stone manufacturer. Time does not freeze, what causes it? Cheap home depot laminate countertops The reasons why the glue does not solidify are as follows: 1. Workers did not strictly adjust

How to clean up the dust generated in the installation of quartz stone countertops?

Everyone should not be unfamiliar with quartz-stone countertops. It is a cabinet countertop made of quartz stone plates, which is called quartz stone countertops. Our common quartz stone countertops include cabinet countertops, laboratory countertops, window sills, and sinks. Because quartz stone is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, high-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-permeable, non-toxic, non-radiation, and zero formaldehyde, it can be made food-grade and environmentally friendly. With features such as countertops, quartz stone is favored by countertops. China thin quartz countertops Quartz stone products reach the end customers, and intermediate finished product processing links are needed. Quartz stone manufacturers only leave quartz stone

Is the thickness of quartz stone the only criterion for judging quality?

Nowadays, the application of quartz stone in architectural decoration stone is more and more extensive. Quartz stone is mainly an artificial stone plate made of quartz sand and resin die-casting. The content of quartz sand must not be less than 90%. It is called quartz stone by quartz stone manufacturers. Quartz stone plates are rich in color, natural texture, and environmentally friendly. It is currently the best substitute for natural stone in architectural decoration. Cheap quartz countertops price per square foot Nowadays, there are many varieties of quartz stones on the market, but most of them are 15mm

How much influence does different quartz stone production equipment have on the quality of the slab?

Among many artificial stone products, quartz stone has stable structural performance, green environmental protection, and recyclable use. Its external temperament similar to natural stone plus these superior internal properties make it a substitute for natural stone. Because the color and texture of natural stone are very limited, it is difficult to meet the diversified needs, while the production technology of quartz stone is controllable, and it can be mixed into any color and texture, which extends the fashion of the product. China quartz slabs for sale near me With the increasing application of quartz stone, the rapid development

Manufacturing process of back arc of quartz stone for cabinet countertops

Although quartz stone for cabinet countertops has become the material of choice, it is also the most difficult to process. Quartz stone is made of quartz sand and resin under vacuum and high pressure and high vibration. Although it is an artificial stone product, its hardness has exceeded that of natural stone and can reach a Mohs hardness level of 7, second only to diamond. Therefore, the processing technology requirements for finished products are very strict. difiniti quartz countertops The composition of quartz stone countertops is also composed of front and rear water retaining and countertops. Most of

Factors affecting the quality of quartz stone

The quartz stone market is on the track of rapid development, and the application demand for quartz stone continues to increase so that some large-scale quartz stone manufacturers can develop rapidly. For this reason, the quartz stone market in my country is chaotic, and the price gap between quartz stones is increasing. . The most important thing is that some small quartz stone manufacturers are still copycats, occupying the market at low prices, making the gap in the quality of quartz stone growing. Cheap Ikea quartz countertops Canada The main reason for the poor quality of quartz stone:


Trusted Partners

After nearly 20 years of accumulation and development, our business partners are very diverse, not only limited to quartz stone plate wholesalers and distributors, but also various commercial construction companies, decoration companies, hotels, real estate, apartments, personal home improvement, etc.

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