We have quartz stone cooperative factories in Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia, not only export from China mainland directly.

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Specialists In Quartz Stone Countertops

We are the most professional manufacturer in engineered quartz slabs, kitchen countertops & vanity tops more than 21 years in China.

Kitchen Countertops

Custom design engineered quartz stone colors accepted, like Calacatta Gold White marble series, Carrara White series or others, to satisfy the kitchen countertops.

Artfully Crafted

Long-lasting and beautiful surface: compact structure, no micropores, no water absorption, strong anti-fouling, daily condiments in the kitchen can’t penetrate at all. After precise polishing treatment, the product surface is easy to clean and maintain, can maintain long-lasting gloss and beautiful like New.

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Countertops Fabrication

More than 172+ different quartz colors we can supply, by good prices and quality as your requests.

Freshly New

No scratching: The surface hardness of the product is higher than that of ordinary ironware. Any household items can be placed on the table. (However, it is necessary to avoid scratching the table with high hardness items such as diamond, sandpaper, and cemented carbide).

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High Quality Quartz Stone

International auto quartz stone slab producing lines, keep the most high quality grade in engineered quartz stone slabs.

Perfect Lines

Dirt resistance: The quartz stone countertop has a high level of non-porous structure, and the water absorption rate is only 0.03%, which is sufficient to prove that the material is basically free of penetration. After each use on the countertop, rinse the countertop with water or neutral detergent Just.

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Bathroom Toilet Countertop

Both residential & commercial countertops & vanity tops could be finished very well by customers' drawigns.


Application: kitchen countertop, laboratory countertop, window sill, bar counter, elevator entrance, floor, wall, etc. In places where the building materials require high materials, engineered quartz stone is suitable, we can keep the surface and veins same as natural marble colors, such as Calacatta.

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Here are the latest news & blogs of China Quartz Stone products, orders, plans, industrial news, technical support, and other useful details.

Characteristics, identification and development history of quartz stone

The quartz stone we are talking about is a new type of stone artificially synthesized by more than 90% of quartz crystals plus resin and other trace elements. It is a large-size sheet pressed by a special machine under certain physical and chemical conditions. Its main material is quartz. Quartz stone is non-radiation and high in hardness, which makes the quartz stone countertop not scratching (Mohs hardness 7); it is not stained (made in a vacuum. Dense and non-porous); it is not damaged (quartz material. The temperature can withstand 300 ℃); Not old (30 polishing processes do not require maintenance);

The difference between quartz stone and granite

1. Quartz stone is made of 94% quartz and 6% resin, and the hardness reaches 7 degrees, while the granite is synthesized from marble powder and resin, so the hardness is generally 4-6 degrees, which is simply quartz Stone is harder than granite, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant. brown granite kitchen countertops 2. When looking at the sample, there is a protective film on the surface of the granite. The surface of the quartz stone does not need any processing. 3. Quartz stone can be reused. Because the internal material of quartz stone is evenly distributed, the front and back

Installation process of quartz stone countertops

If you choose to use quartz stone as the countertop of the cabinet, during the installation process, we need to pay attention to: Calacatta quartz bathroom vanity tops 1. Before installing the stone, you need to check the flatness of the on-site cabinets and floor cabinets, and check whether there is no error between the tabletop where the stone is installed and the size of the site. If there is an error, it needs to be processed and trimmed again. 2. When installing stone countertops, you need to keep the distance between the stone and the wall. Generally,

Precautions for the maintenance of ground quartz stone

Artificial quartz stone is an emerging product in the field of reconstituted stone. Through continuous research on the manufacturing and processing technology of artificial stone, a high-end product that can lead the trend of the era has been produced. It is elegant and beautiful in appearance and affordable, but it is better than traditional stone. The physical and chemical properties. Let me introduce to you the matters needing attention in the daily maintenance of ground quartz stone. Engineered quartz subway tile Precautions for maintenance of ground quartz stone: 1. After the daily use of quartz stone paving is

Points for Attention in the Maintenance of Quartz Stone Wall

Because quartz stone has the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-permeability that other decorative materials cannot match, it has been increasingly used in kitchen countertops, laboratory countertops, window sills, bar counters, elevator entrances, etc. Artificial quartz stone is also suitable for floors, walls, etc., where building materials require relatively high materials. Engineered quartz wet wall shower panels 1. Please pay attention to the integrity of the protective film during transportation and construction. The quartz stone that has just been shipped from the factory has been finely cleaned. After the construction is completed,

Daily maintenance of quartz countertops in kitchens and powder rooms

Although the physical and chemical properties of quartz stone countertops such as hardness, strength, temperature resistance, and penetration resistance are better than other materials, it does not mean that the material is indestructible. Calacatta creek quartz countertops In order to avoid possible damage to the quartz stone countertops, please pay special attention to the following during use: (1) The surface of the countertop is generally not burned by high temperature, but it is necessary to avoid direct exposure to high temperature or local heating of the countertop for a long time. Do not put hot household utensils directly


Quartz Stone Countertop Projects

High-quality green and environmentally friendly quartz stone material, which has a soft and elegant color, and is inexpensive. It is the best choice for decoration of homes and public places. It is used for kitchen countertops, dining tables, washstands, window sills, bar counters, indoor wall surfaces, floors, etc. , Suitable for apartment, office building, shopping mall, hotel, subway station, airport, hospital, library and other different fields.


EDG-V002 Oyster Granite Series Quartz Vanity Tops

Do You Have A Quartz Countertop Project We Can Help With? Get a free quote  Sydney, Australia EDG-V002 Granite Serie Quartz Kitchen Countertops For Sydney Commercial Project! Project Details DATE Mar 15th, 2018 CLIENT Client Company Name PROJECT TYPE Commercial Project CONTRACTOR EDGSTONE


EDG9001 Super White Quartz Hotel Bathroom Vanity Tops

Do You Have A Quartz Countertop Project We Can Help With? Get a free quote  Ottawa, Canada Super White Quartz Kitchen Countertops For Ottawa Star Hotel Project! Project Details DATE Sep 18th, 2017 CLIENT Client Company Name PROJECT TYPE Star Hotel Project CONTRACTOR EDGSTONE


EDG4028 Calacatta White Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Do You Have A Quartz Countertop Project We Can Help With? Get a free quote Tucson, Arizona EDG4028 Calacatta White Quartz Kitchen Countertops For Arizona Customer! Project Details DATE Apr 25th, 2017 CLIENT Client Company Name PROJECT TYPE Villa Project CONTRACTOR EDGSTONE


Why EDG Quartz Stone?

EDG Stone Quartz has 72 colors in 6 series. The 6 series are: Calacatta Gold, Linear Board, Mixed Color, Pure Color, Grain Series, and Crystal Series, each with different characteristics and the same high-end quality. The application of quartz stone is mainly in three aspects: countertop, wall and ground.

Our Customers Say

The quartz stone bathroom countertops of EDG Stone are exactly what we have been looking for, not only because of its high cost performance, but also because of their unparalleled professionalism. Thank you for your help!


Richard Xiong and his team impressed me very much, because their professional work and high-quality quartz countertop products have rejuvenated my hotel. I hope we will have more opportunities for cooperation.


Trusted Partners

After nearly 20 years of accumulation and development, our business partners are very diverse, not only limited to quartz stone plate wholesalers and distributors, but also various commercial construction companies, decoration companies, hotels, real estate, apartments, personal home improvement, etc.

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