The first is a standard issue. Quartz is a new product, and there is still a lack of a unified standard in terms of the production, quality, measurement, processing, installation, and price of quartz. This not only delays the progress of the quartz stone industry but also is not conducive to the healthy and orderly development of the quartz stone industry. What is gratifying is that the relevant state departments are currently formulating industry standards for artificial stone, and also including quartz stone, so that the quartz stone market will be more standardized and the speed of development will be faster.

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China best quartz countertop manufacturers

Followed by supporting services for quartz stone processing. At present, quartz stone mainly provides supporting services for cabinet companies. The cabinet industry is an emerging industry as well as a special industry. The cabinet market in China is currently in its infancy. Too many cabinet companies are still in the product marketing stage. Very few companies can lead the market with their brands. This determines that the supporting service network and capabilities of the cabinet brand are also affected by the strength of the company. limits. Therefore, as a supplier of cabinet countertop materials, Quartz Stone should not only provide kitchen countertops as simple as kitchen countertops but also provide cabinet manufacturers with a processing service network and provide consumers with quality and services.

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Calacatta white working with quartz countertops

The consumption trend of foreign quartz stone has attracted the expectation of consumers and made cabinet manufacturers eager to see it. However, the Chinese quartz stone market has been stuck in a conceptual stage, a beautiful vision. What is delaying the progress of the quartz stone market, and what hinders the rapid development of the quartz stone market? We can find out the answer from the quartz stone product itself. The hardness of quartz stone is very high, reaching Mohs 7 or more, which brings certain difficulties to the quartz stone processing technology. The consumption of whole cabinets is becoming more and more individualized, which puts forward higher requirements for the processing of cabinet countertops. The splicing and modeling technology of quartz stone is very high, and it will leave flaws if you don’t pay attention. The hardness of quartz stone also has higher requirements for the splicing of quartz stone.

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China stone factory remnants of quartz countertops