quartz kitchen countertops

Is quartz is better than granite?


At present, there is a wide range of options for cabinet countertops. The commonly used ones are natural stone, artificial stone, acrylic, stainless steel, and so on. Due to the special requirements for the use of cabinet countertops, the requirements for hardness are very high. Among many materials, artificial quartz stone and natural granite rank

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What is the downside to quartz countertops?


When we buy cabinets, many merchants will recommend quartz stone countertops to us. Quartz stone is also good, but its price will be relatively higher, so artificial quartz stone came out. The price will be relatively lower. So let's introduce artificial quartz stone, shall we? Advantages and disadvantages of artificial quartz stone? 1. Advantages Good

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Precautions for quartz stone countertops in winter


Different seasons have different advantages and disadvantages, but they can all be decorated, just pay attention to different problems in the decoration. The decoration of the kitchen is most important in home improvement because the kitchen is the most frequently used place in the home. The most important thing for cabinets is the selection of

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How to add light to the surface of quartz stone?


Everyone knows that the kitchen is heavily smoked, and if it is not cleaned in time, the countertops and electrical equipment will form thick oil stains. At present, most of the home decoration use quartz stone as the first material for the countertop, because quartz stone has the characteristics of wear resistance, scratch resistance, high-temperature

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Quartz stone tabletop installation and acceptance details


Quartz stone is a kind of artificial stone, suitable materials for quartz kitchen countertops and vanity tops. It has the characteristics of natural environment protection, non-toxic, and non-radiation. Stone quartz has natural quartz hardness and compact without pores. It is crack-free, durable, elegant, and stylish, which meets the psychological needs of modern urbanites who advocate

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