Artificial quartz stone is widely used in modern decoration. Does artificial quartz stone have radiation? In interior decoration, some people like to use artificial stone for decoration, some people like to use natural stone for decoration. Their manifestation and effect will also be different. However, when we do not know much about it, it is easy to be confused. How to distinguish between quartz stone and natural stone?

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Does artificial quartz stone have radiation?
1. Artificial quartz stone is a stone product made of synthetic materials. It does not have the radioactivity of natural stone, so there is no radiation. However, I still recommend that you buy quartz stone from a regular manufacturer. It is greedy to buy low-quality and unqualified quartz stone materials cheaply. Some low-quality processed quartz stone materials contain excessive amounts of harmful chemicals and must be purchased carefully.

2. Artificial quartz stone is a material with a good decorative effect. Its surface is very smooth. The quartz stone material is flat without scratches. The quartz stone produced by the regular manufacturer is used for the dense and non-porous material structures to make bacteria nowhere. Hide, can be in direct contact with food, safe and non-toxic!

3. Quartz stone is produced under vacuum, and its inside and outside are new composite density non-porous plates. The surface has corrosion resistance. For example, if there are stains or yellowing marks on the board surface, it can be removed with a detergent or a cleaning towel. In daily cleaning, simply wash with clean water.

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How to distinguish between artificial quartz stone and natural stone?
1. Looking at the appearance, quartz stone generally has transparent or translucent particles. This is because the main component of quartz stone is quartz crystal; while the artificial stone is mostly opaque particles, and its main material is composed of acrylic and natural stone powder.

2. Thickness comparison, the thickness of quartz stone is about 15 centimeters, and the thickness of the artificial stone is generally about 11-12 centimeters.

3. The weight comparison is determined by the composition of the two. The weight of quartz stone is heavier than artificial stone.

4. The hand feel is different, the cold of quartz stone is more like the touch of natural stone, the hand feeling of artificial stone is warm and delicate, similar to the texture of high-grade plastic.

5. The price is similar. The material and processing complexity depends on the price of quartz stone being more expensive than artificial stone. The price of quartz stone is generally 350-1000 yuan/square meter, while the price of artificial stone is 250-800/square meter.

6. Comparison of hardness, quartz stone is harder than artificial stone, so quartz stone is mostly used on kitchen countertops, while the artificial stone is mostly used on bathroom countertops.

7. Compared with flexibility, quartz stone is harder, so it is still inferior to artificial stone in flexibility.

8. Splicing method, quartz stone splicing usually has gaps, while the artificial stone is softer, so it can be curved. The splicing is generally impossible to see the joints. Of course, the installation of those who are very poorly crafted is excluded.

9. Comparison of decorative effects, it can be seen from the appearance and splicing method that artificial stone is more beautiful than quartz stone.

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Does artificial quartz stone have radiation? Quartz stone is a stone material that does not contain radioactive elements. It does not have radiation itself and is a safe and secure stone choice. How to distinguish between artificial quartz stone and natural stone? The comparison of various details is described in detail above. You can use the above methods to distinguish.