The main materials for the kitchen are the wooden cabinets and the countertops for cooking. There are many countertops on the market, each with its own advantages, which is dazzling. What materials are your kitchen countertops made of, and what kind of kitchen countertops are the most practical?

The countertops in the kitchen must be carefully selected. The countertops in the kitchen must meet our cooking needs. They must be hard enough, resistant to high temperatures, and easy to take care of. Everyone who cooks knows that the hygiene of the kitchen is the most difficult thing to do because it is too greasy. If it is not cleaned well, it will be difficult to clean it up after the accumulation of oily days. There are many countertops on the market, but it is recommended to use quartz stone for home decoration, which is abrasion-resistant and high-temperature resistant!

black pearl quartz countertop

Absolute black pearl quartz countertop

First. Solid wood: good-looking, but not necessarily suitable for you
1. Features of solid wood countertops
Solid wood has a very obvious feature-fast-growing, cheap wood is soft and has large pores, while hardwood grows slowly and is expensive. The wood of the countertop naturally needs to be harder, but because the countertop itself has a large area, if you want to find such a completely solid wood slab, the price is really expensive.

2. Splicing solid wood countertops
Jigsaw is a more affordable option-smaller piece of wood are glued together and the price is much more reasonable. Wood is bound to crack. The kitchen countertop is used for this purpose. If it cracks, it will hide dirt and dirt. It is very difficult to clean. The probability of cracking of the panel is small, but it does not mean that it will never crack. Wood is the easiest to crack when the temperature and humidity change frequently. The biggest threat to use in the kitchen is the open flame of the stove. Either solid wood is not used around the stove, or it is to change the cooking habits, switch to a medium-to-small fire or directly replace the induction cooker.

In addition, if the countertop is splashed with water, it must be wiped off immediately to prevent water from entering the wood and contaminating the wood. In addition, the solid wood needs to be painted or waxed before use to better protect the wood surface. Even if this is the case, don’t buckle the hot pot that has just been taken off the solid wood, otherwise, a circle of charcoal marks will be directly burned. To put it bluntly, although the solid wood is beautiful, you still need to take good care of it. You also need to make adjustments to your cooking habits. Try not to bake it at high temperatures, or show it to you every minute.

Second. Natural stone: the squeamish little princess
1. Features
Finally speaking of the first sister of the Internet celebrity world-marble, granite because the pattern is not as beautiful as marble, there is no marble fire. It is said that it is an Internet celebrity, so Sicong can make it, and it is difficult for ordinary people to hold it. Like wood, the stone itself can crack, and the problem of cracking is very common. Although the supplement can continue to be used normally, it must be very responsive. What’s more painful is that because the countertops require more processes, they may be broken accidentally during processing or transportation.

2. Disadvantages
There are many pores on the surface of marble, and dirt can easily penetrate into it, especially light-colored marble, which can be easily destroyed by a glass of red wine. Natural materials are not anti-corrosion, and foreign netizens have also reported that a few drops of lemon juice splashed out from cutting lemons, and the countertop immediately smashed. If you want to use natural stone to make kitchen countertops, in addition to sealing the pores on the surface once every two years, you also need to clean it very diligently, otherwise, you won’t be able to wipe it off for a lifetime.

black quartz with white veining

China black quartz with white veining

Third. Stainless steel: I don’t despise you, you despise me
1. Features
The material used in the entire catering industry is nothing to complain about. You can treat it any way you want. Have you seen how the master of Lanzhou Ramen abused stainless steel countertops? The price is low (you still need to choose food-grade 304 stainless steel), easy to clean, strong, and durable… it sounds very good.

2. Disadvantages
The only problem is that it is particularly easy to flower, and it is the kind of flower that is inexplicably spent; the etched stainless steel that is not so easy to flower has a low value in the dust. Moreover, the steel plate of the stainless steel countertop is not thick, and it will deform and bulge after being heated for a long time. You can obviously feel that the countertop is uneven, and it will bang when you press it somewhere.

Fourth. Artificial Stone/Acrylic: Over-the-air internet celebrity
1. Features
The solid-color countertop looks very refreshing and simple, and it can be used without error, and it can be made into special shapes.

2. Disadvantages
The aluminum powder is glued with resin and added with some toner. It sounds simple, but the aluminum powder is not cheap, so the performance is proportional to the price. The cheap ones use calcium powder instead of aluminum powder. There is no good product, which is a big problem. The pile even stigmatizes the artificial stone, making everyone think that the artificial stone is easy to turn yellow, not resistant to high temperatures, and easy to crack. Artificial stone is as wrong as a fireproof board.

5. Ultra-thin rock slab: sorry for not being able to use
The stone is beaten into powder and then glued. It is 3mm thick. It is good for everything. It has high hardness and is not easy to get dirty. You can even cut vegetables directly on it. You don’t even need a cutting board. It is expensive, four to five thousand yuan per linear meter.

calacatta black quartz

calacatta black quartz stone countertops

Sixth, artificial quartz stone: back to the origin…
1. Features
Finally speaking back to the domestic cabinet countertops to carry the handle-quartz stone. Quartz stone countertops are also artificial, so they should be called artificial quartz stone accurately. The principle is the same as artificial stone, except that artificial stone uses aluminum powder, and quartz stone is natural quartz stone broken, and then glued with resin. Because quartz stone is born as a small crystal, there is no large piece of quartz stone like marble in nature.

The cabinets we live in Farner only provide quartz as a choice material, there is nothing to hide, because compared with the squeamish and coquettish bitches in the front, it is indeed balanced in terms of performance, appearance, and price.

Quartz stone countertops have high hardness, are not afraid of scratches, and are resistant to acid, alkali, and oil stains. All the shortcomings of other material countertops mentioned above are directly eliminated.

2. Disadvantages
Its only disadvantage is that the splicing cannot be seamless, there will be some traces, and the price is expensive but not too expensive, so it gradually replaced artificial stone and became the most suitable material for cabinets.

The quartz stone countertops we usually see will contain very large quartz stone particles, and sometimes the additional broken glass is added as a decoration. Some people think that such large particles are not good-looking, such as me-I even thought it was a material property that cannot be changed by quartz stone. Later, it was discovered that quartz stone also has a solid color, very delicate and invisible countertop style. Because the quartz stone itself is hard, the finer you cut it, the higher the process requirements, so the cost of delicate countertops is exactly twice as expensive as the conventional ones.