In the purchase of quartz stone countertops, many consumers are blinded by pride, thinking that the quality of quartz stone has little to do with price. Just think it can be used.

In fact, you get what you pay for, and there is a big difference between the high-end and low-end inferior quality. Therefore, when consumers are purchasing quartz stone countertops, it is recommended that everyone choose the products produced by high-end and large-scale quartz stone manufacturers.

arctic white quartz msi

OEM arctic white quartz MSI

The quality of the quartz stone itself is one aspect. In the process of processing and installation, if there are cutting corners and not rigorous procedures, cracking may occur later. For example, the following:

1. Cracking at the seam of the countertop: When the main installer was splicing the seam, the seam was not aligned, the top of the bell mouth was small, the bottom was large, the glue was not evenly spread, and more importantly, the F clamp was not used to fix it after the glue was applied, or Adding curing agent to the glue or accelerating the excessive amount of oil will make the joints more brittle and crack when subjected to slight impact during use;

2. Cracking at the corner: Leaning against the wall too tightly without leaving shrinkage joints, the height between the two cabinets is uneven or not leveled, the front corner is opened at a right angle and the internal stress is concentrated, and the table surface is not uniformly shrunk due to external impact or temperature changes and cracks;

fantasy white quartz

fantasy white quartz countertops

3. Cracks on the periphery of the above counter basin: there is no gap between the above counter basin and the basin hole, the basin hole is not polished and smooth, the corners of the basin hole are not rounded or there are serrated marks, and the table surface shrinks unevenly and cracks due to external impact or temperature changes;

4. Cracking around the furnace hole: there is no gap between the gas stove and the furnace hole, the furnace hole is not polished smooth, the four corners of the basin hole are not rounded or there are jagged marks, and the table surface is cracked due to the impact of external force or the uneven shrinkage of the temperature change;

5. Cracks on the skirts of the above counter basins and stove holes: the load of the counter basin or stove cabinet is placed flat, when the above counter basins, the skirts of the stove holes are subjected to gravity (people stepping, stepping, etc.), causing the above counter basins and stoves The skirt before the hole is cracked;

6. The rear water barrier is cracked: the cabinet is uneven or the backing board is not leveled;

white and black quartz

white and black quartz countertops

7. Cracks on the connecting surface of the rear water retaining edge: the glue is not firmly bonded;

8. Cracks in the center of the countertop: high temperature, external impact, uneven cabinets or pads, internal damage to the board, etc.; therefore, the main factor causing the countertop to crack is the poor quality control of the countertop during processing.