Quartz stone sink is one of the most used in recent years. The surface of the quartz stone sink adopts the most advanced production technology and is a decorative surface made of more than 30 polishing processes. It is a high-hardness and environmentally friendly composite Quartz material. This quartz crystal itself has natural characteristics such as crystal clear, clear, beautiful color, luxurious, high hardness, no deformation, no discoloration, strong toughness, no radioactivity, acid, and alkali resistance. The following editor introduces the characteristics of quartz stone sinks.

60 double sink vanity with quartz top

60 double sink vanity with quartz top

Features of Quartz Sink

1. It is not scratched, and the quartz stone is not scratched. The appearance is very strong and hard. The hardness is second only to the natural mineral deposits of diamonds. It is much larger than the sharp tools such as knives and shovel used in the kitchen and will not be scratched.

2. No pollution, and the appearance of the quartz stone is non-polluting. The liquid substances used in ordinary times will not penetrate the inside. The liquid that is placed on the surface for a long time only needs to be wiped with a rag with clean water or a cleaning agent such as clean and bright. If necessary, a blade can be used to scrape off the remaining material on the surface.

quartz double sink vanity top

Calacatta white quartz double sink vanity top

3. It is not worn out. The appearance of the quartz stone is through more than 30 messy polishing treatments. It is not afraid of being scratched, will not be saturated with liquid substances, and will not cause yellowing and discoloration. Normal cleaning only needs to use Rinse with clean water is simple and easy. Even after long-term use, its appearance is the same as the newly installed countertops, without maintenance and maintenance.

4. Incombustible, natural quartz stone is very weather resistant and unsuitable for burning. Its melting point is as high as 1500 degrees. Quartz stone made of 93% natural quartz is completely flame retardant. Quartz stone sinks and countertops will not burn due to high temperatures. It also has unmatched high-temperature resistance characteristics such as artificial stone.

5. Non-toxic and non-radiation, quartz stone is non-toxic and five-radiation, very safe, lubricated in appearance, smooth, and no scratches.

quartz vanity tops with undermount sink

Calacatta white quartz vanity tops with undermount sink