Artificial quartz stone has sprouted and developed in China. In this short period of fewer than ten years, from the initial single color product to the gradually evolved two-color, multi-color, linear stripe, chaotic pattern, crack pattern, Cara Kata pattern. From this evolutionary process, it is not difficult to see that artificial quartz stone is actually a simple product produced from basic technology to imitating natural stone patterns.

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In order to achieve the natural pattern of natural stone, technological innovation is the key. It is not only necessary to combine traditional craftsmanship, but also to break the conventional craft thinking and realize the natural pattern from all angles. From the perspective of the new products of most manufacturers, and combined with the analysis of the manufacturer’s equipment, most of the patterns currently formed that are closer to natural stone come from manual processes. Except for some manufacturers that can use semi-automatic manual assistance methods to form long and short line patterns, Many manufacturers just to make their products more eye-catching, spend great efforts to create new products with pure hands. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve complete automation and complete stable mass production in domestic pattern plates that are closer to natural stone. From the perspective of craftsmanship, the use of natural stone pattern panels will also lead to rapid development. Therefore, we should explore new crafts and grasp the first opportunity.

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However, for stone manufacturers, it is not necessary to spend great efforts to achieve natural stone texture in order to control this market. After all, Chinese people still like good quality and low price. Therefore, they must pay attention to the tastes of Chinese people, develop some easy-to-achieve products, and make them abroad. Favorite colors, this is the top priority for companies to get rid of hunger. Since artificial quartz stone is still in its infancy in the domestic market, the Chinese people do not have the concept of artificial quartz stone. Except for those in the industry who are more concerned about the material of artificial quartz stone, other ordinary people currently do not care about the material of the stone. Only the appearance and price of the appearance will be used to accept the products, so there is no domestic market for high-end products. But for the quartz stone industry market, in order to achieve greater development, it must also expand its territory with high-end and internationally popular products. One is because the Chinese people have more and more demanding products, and the other is the international market. It is a big space for stone.

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