Among many artificial stone products, quartz stone has stable structural performance, green environmental protection, and recyclable use. Its external temperament similar to natural stone plus these superior internal properties make it a substitute for natural stone. Because the color and texture of natural stone are very limited, it is difficult to meet the diversified needs, while the production technology of quartz stone is controllable, and it can be mixed into any color and texture, which extends the fashion of the product.

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China quartz slabs for sale near me

With the increasing application of quartz stone, the rapid development of quartz stone manufacturers has also caused a certain confusion in the quartz stone market. The large price difference and uneven quality of quartz stone have caused certain confusion to buyers. The quality of quartz stone slabs is not only limited to the purchase of raw materials, but also has an inseparable relationship with production equipment and technology. For example, mixing and slurrying are the main reasons for color difference, and the quality of the mixer determines whether the particles are uniformly mixed. The quality of the vacuum press determines the density of the finished board, which is also closely related to the control of the personnel. The time of vacuuming and pressing also directly affects the density of the board. Whether the curing furnace is reasonable or not determines the flatness of the slab. Polishing is the last and most critical process in the production of quartz stone plates. The quality of polishing equipment directly affects the brightness of the polished surface.

quartz slabs near me

China quartz slabs near me

What standards should qualified quartz stone meet? The pressure of the quartz stone plate production press should reach more than 50 tons, and the density of the produced plate should reach 2.6g/cm3. The hardness must reach Mohs hardness level 6 or above, which is why the surface cannot be scratched with sharp tools. Due to the high density of the board, the water absorption rate of the board itself is only 0.02% and almost zero. In addition, the quartz stone plate must have a certain bending ability, and the bending strength must be greater than 30Mpa so that the plate has a certain resistance to explosion.

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