As a new type of decorative stone, artificial quartz stone has entered the domestic market from abroad at the beginning of this century. After more than ten years of development, it has been used only on countertops at first and is now widely used in public buildings, hotels, restaurants, banks, and hospitals. , Exhibition halls, laboratories, home decoration kitchen countertops, washstands, video walls, floor paving, and other fields. Quartz stone has excellent performance such as wear resistance, pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-permeation, green non-toxic, non-radiation, and many colors, etc., and it is well received and respected by consumers.

crushed quartz countertops

China crushed quartz countertops

Choose the thickness of quartz stone countertops reasonably. At present, the thickness of quartz stone countertops on the market is mainly 15, 18, 20mm. It is recommended to use 15mm plates for cabinet countertops. Reinforcement pads should be added during installation to reduce the fracture of the quartz stone in the middle of the countertop due to excessive force.

Develop the habit of using chopping boards. On the one hand, the use of chopping boards takes into account the prevention of increasing the force area of ​​the table during use and reducing the local pressure on the table. On the other hand, it can prevent the table from being scratched.

cutting quartz countertop

Multi-family cutting quartz countertop

Many people believe that the highest Mohs hardness of quartz stone slab is 7.5, which has strong hardness and should not be broken. Therefore, it is more willful in normal use. In fact, it also needs our careful care. Under normal circumstances, the fracture of quartz stone countertops often appears in the center of the countertop, because the center of the countertop is often subjected to greater pressure or often uneven force. Therefore, the daily maintenance of quartz stone cannot be ignored because of its many advantages.

crema marfil quartz countertop

Beige colored crema Marfil quartz countertop