Quartz stone is currently the best stone, using this kind of stone is almost a status symbol. Since the domestic market has just started, consumers still don’t know much about quartz, at least. Therefore, foreign quartz stones and fish-eye mixed-bead quartz stones (quartz stones with high resin content, granite, and quartz granite) have appeared on the market, and everyone calls them quartz stones. How do we distinguish these quartz stones?

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How to identify the quality of artificial quartz stone?
Tools/materials: hand and naked eye observation
1. Hardness: The surface has a Mohs hardness of 7. The simple test method is to use an iron sharp object to squeeze and observe the damage point without scratches.
How to tell if quartz stone is good or bad?
2. Density: 2.37-2.5
3. High-temperature resistance: 300℃. Place a stainless steel cup filled with boiling water on the countertop for 30 minutes, and the color will not change. Or put a lighted cigarette butt on the quartz stone, and it will not change color.
4. Stain resistance: Use soy sauce, vinegar, and coffee to drip on the quartz stone, wipe it with detergent and water after 24 hours, and observe that it does not change color.

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Environmental protection: It can provide green environmental protection certification tested by authoritative departments.
Fire resistance: 10mm×30mm thin strips of quartz stone cannot be burnt on an open flame.
Acid and alkali resistance: etch the surface with 3% hydrochloric acid solution or 100g/L citric acid solution, 30g/L sodium hydroxide, or potassium hydroxide solution, and there is no obvious visible change on the surface. (This parameter is very important for the quartz stone washing pool, and the water absorption rate is also one)
Water absorption: less than 0.04%. Sprinkle a little water on the surface of the quartz stone for 24 hours and observe that the color does not turn white. (The standard parameters of quartz stone washing pool and quartz stone sink)
Flexural strength: The standard is SN/T0308-1993.
Compressive strength: The standard is SN/T0308-1993.
Thermal expansion: The standard is SN/T17748-1999.
Radioactivity limit index (no radiation): The internal and external exposure index conforms to GB6566-2001. The test result of Bevron quartz stone is 0.02 internal exposure index and 0.03 external exposure index.
Luminance: use a light meter to detect more than 60 degrees.
Appearance: clear and not turbid. The color is uniform. Flatness: within 3000 mm ± 0.5 mm; thickness: 12 mm board ± 0.5 mm, 15 mm board ± 1 mm, 20 mm board ± 1.5 mm.

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When we face the surface of the processed stone to the sunlight or fluorescent lamp, we can clearly find all kinds of pits and streaks by observing the reflective surface. For those irregular and small pits, they may be caused by some self-deficiencies in the minerals of the stone. You can ignore it, and if you find some regular streaks on the surface of the stone, it is caused by the poor processing quality. You should try to avoid such stones when purchasing.