Among the green and environmentally friendly architectural decorative stones, quartz stone has become the most popular decorative stone because of its smooth surface, dense non-porous, and rich colors. Quartz stone not only has the plasticity of artificial stone but also the hardness of natural stone. It has many advantages such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, high-temperature resistance, and anti-permeability. At present, quartz stone has become the preferred material for cabinet countertops and has been gradually applied to the entire decoration field.

blue and white quartz countertops

blue and white quartz countertops

Everyone knows that the quartz stone manufacturers are all standard plates, so in the application, due to various factors, it is inevitable to avoid the splicing of the two pieces. After the splicing, in order to make the whole look integrated, many processing masters will choose to polish. However, whitening will occur at the splicing joints that have been polished, and the darker the sheet, the more serious the whitening will be after polishing. The probability of whitening of the dark-colored plate after polishing is relatively high! The surface of the quartz stone is polished by more than 30 channels of 2000 mesh water grinding head with high pressure and high speed, which is beyond the reach of ordinary hand tools. The whitening phenomenon occurs after being polished by an angle grinder because the substrate of the quartz stone plate is white. During the joint polishing process, the gloss and color of the plate surface are destroyed, and the white substrate is exposed. This is why the plate The darker the color, the more obvious the cause of whitening at the seams.

blue savoie quartz

blue Savoie quartz countertops

Once the board loses its original luster, it is difficult to restore the original luster using handheld devices. Let’s take a look at how others can restore it: 1. It can be waxed and varnished, but these two methods cannot be solved for a long time. Temporary relief. 2. Use a brightener or resin to repair. After repairing with this method, it can be maintained for a long time but cannot be eradicated. In order to fundamentally solve the whitening phenomenon of the joints, professionals should be found to avoid secondary grinding and polishing during the installation of the plates. The joints of the plates should be carefully treated during installation to achieve seamless joints. If the bleaching is more serious, you can find a professional stone renovator for overall polishing.

blue carrara quartz

blue Carrara quartz kitchen countertops