As the name suggests, the main component of quartz stone is quartz, of which quartz accounts for about 90%. Quartz is divided into aggregate and powder. Aggregate quartz includes quartz sand, lens particles, glass particles, and other particles whose main components are quartz. It is mainly quartz powder, but glass powder is also useful.

Since the development of quartz stone, there are many types, including white, pattern, grain, and solid color. Although divided by color and pattern, the price and grade of different types are different.

pearl gray quartz

pearl gray quartz stone countertops

If you don’t understand these classifications, we can classify them according to the common ones with or without particles.

The non-particle quartz stone is usually white fish belly, pattern plate, and pure color plate. Its most obvious feature is the high price, and a single board has a decorative effect, and when used as a countertop, background wall, etc., it appears that the entire space is luxurious and luxurious. Generally, it is required that the content of quartz (SiO2) is more than 99%, and it can contain stable metal oxides (such as Fe2O3), but the content must be less than 1%, and it cannot contain simple metals. Fish-belly white is often dominated by the three primary colors of black, white, and gray, with large patterns and natural textures, and the overall look is more shocking.

The small patterns are rewriting and blending, and there are many decoration styles that can be matched, which can be luxurious, fresh, or simple…

waterfall island quartz

waterfall island quartz countertops

Granular Quartz Stone
Quartz with particles is the addition of broken glass, spar, etc. in the production to form a combination of particles, which can be a single color or multiple colors.

Due to the different crystallinity of quartz ore, as well as different sand-making processes and equipment, the particle size, grain shape, surface roughness, and hardness of the finished quartz sand are also very different. In the quartz plate particle board, only the particles and powder will not be bonded together. It needs to be bonded with a binder, and the bonding needs to be wrapped by the binder, so the particles and powder will be wrapped by the binder. Then the larger the surface area of ​​the particle, the more binder it needs.

Therefore, it is not that the particle board is bad, but many businesses use unqualified particles and binders. Good particleboard is not low in cost and the quality is very reliable.

The two-color particles are slightly larger, and through the matching of different colors, the whole board is glowing with a different charm, which is quite tropical. Pure color and fine particles are delicate in texture, soft in color, and the overall matching effect is peaceful. It is often used in modern and simple style decoration.

The quality of quartz stone is not defined by the presence or absence of particles and the size of the particles. The price of quartz stone with different colors and patterns is different. Which one you want depends on individual needs.

formica quartz

Formica quartz stone countertops

How to distinguish the quality of quartz stone?

Although both quartz stone and high imitation quartz stone belong to artificial stone die-casting plates, the pressure of the press and the production equipment are still different. First look at their specific gravity. Quartz has a higher density than other stones, so a sample of the same size is much lighter. Observed from the side again, the quartz stone is a uniform distribution of artificial cloth particles, consistent inside and outside. Finally, looking at their hardness, the hardness of quartz is second only to diamond, and its hardness is as high as 7 on the Mohs scale, so there is no way to scratch it in general ironware.

Choosing a big brand, a reliable company is certainly right.