Artificial stone is the most widely used countertop material for interior decoration. There are many and miscellaneous artificial stone manufacturers on the market, and they can buy inferior products in minutes. Here is a popularization of artificial stone standards for everyone. Quartz stone, granite) explanation.

calacatta blanco quartz

Calacatta Blanco quartz countertops

●Artificial stone solid surface material
Artificial stone solid surface materials, artificial stone-solid surface materials in a narrow sense, the definition of solid surface materials is: use methyl methacrylate (MMA: commonly known as acrylic) or unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) as the matrix, mainly The artificial stone made of aluminum hydroxide as a filler, added with pigments and other auxiliary agents, is cast or molded, and its scientific name is mineral-filled polymer composite material or solid surface material for short.

Note: The composite material is non-porous and homogeneous: the composition is uniform throughout the thickness; it can be made into a continuous surface that is difficult to detect the joints, and the surface of the product can be restored to the original through maintenance and renovation.

Artificial stone made of aluminum hydroxide as the main filler, the products are divided into two types according to the matrix resin:

——Acrylic: solid surface material based on polymethyl methacrylate,
——Unsaturated polyester: solid surface material with unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix

calacatta bella quartz

Calacatta Bella quartz stone countertops

Artificial quartz stone is referred to as quartz stone, artificial stone-agglomerated quartz, commonly known as quartz microcrystalline synthetic decorative board or artificial silica spar.

Artificial stone made of natural quartz stone (sand, powder) as the main raw material and high molecular polymer as the binding material, referred to as quartz stone. European and Athens colorful quartz stone series; fashion series; natural cloud series; star diamond series; supreme platinum quartz stone series are all quartz stones.

calacatta aria quartz

Calacatta aria quartz countertops

●Artificial Marble Stone
Artificial stone made of marble, limestone, and other scraps and powders as the main raw material, and high-molecular polymer or cement or a mixture of both as the binding material, referred to as granite.

The appearance of some granites is similar to quartz stone, and most people are stupid and unclear about it. However, compared with quartz stone, granite is easy to penetrate, bubbling with acid and is not as hard as quartz stone. It is not suitable for countertops and the price is relative to quartz. The stone is also a few low grades. There are illegal merchants on the market that pretend to be quartz stone. Those who claim to be quartz stone at too low a price should be cautiously purchased to prevent getting caught.