Crystal system: hexagonal crystal system
Crystal: equiaxed, columnar, hexagonal biconical shape
Aggregate shape: massive, coarse-grained, stalactite, tuberculosis
Hardness: Mohs’ hardness is 7
Cleavage/fracture: conchoidal fracture
Luster: glass luster
Color: none, white, with a little gray, yellow to orange, purple, deep purple, pink, gray-brown, brown, black
Streak: white
Proportion: 2.65~2.66

imitation quartz countertops

China imitation quartz countertops

(1) Brittle
(2) With thermoelectricity
(3) Refractive index 1.533~1.541, birefringence difference 0.009, dispersion 0.013
(4) Quartz has strong piezoelectric property (Piezoelectric property), that is, sparks will be generated when it is struck hard to rub. This is the method of making fire with flint.

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(5) Common inclusions in quartz are hair crystal-mainly rutile; grass crystal-mainly tourmaline; water gall crystal-liquid inclusions in quartz; celadon-light blue rutile in it Needles; milk quartz-turbidity caused by fine water holes; green quartz-composed of plate-like or fragmented chlorite, sometimes maybe green needle-like actinolite; aventurine-inside of quartzite Containing green or reddish-brown mica flakes, also known as Yao Quartz, commonly known as aventurine. Common smoky black to dark brown smoky crystals is mainly due to the fact that these rocks contain more radioactive uranium and thorium elements.

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