Artificial quartz stone is an emerging product in the field of reconstituted stone. Through continuous research on the manufacturing and processing technology of artificial stone, a high-end product that can lead the trend of the era has been produced. It is elegant and beautiful in appearance and affordable, but it is better than traditional stone. The physical and chemical properties. Let me introduce to you the matters needing attention in the daily maintenance of ground quartz stone.

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Engineered quartz subway tile

Precautions for maintenance of ground quartz stone:

1. After the daily use of quartz stone paving is completed, before the cement mortar or special adhesive is solidified (at least 24 hours), do not walk or work on it to avoid uneven paving or hollowing.

2. After the quartz stone is laid and pasted, it can be used normally after removing the surface protective film. But in order to make the quartz stone more beautiful, the surface of the quartz stone should be mirror-finished when it is used for the first time.

3. After the quartz stone project is completed, if other decoration works are required, plywood or carpet must be laid on the surface to prevent the quartz stone from being worn out. After the project is completed, it is necessary to ask a professional stone care company to take care of it.

4. At the entrance and exit of the place where quartz stone is used, carpet or dust-removing mat should be laid to avoid abrasion and scratching of the stone surface by hard debris such as sand and stone. If you encounter ink, coffee, tea, oil, and other easily dyeable substances that contaminate the stone, you should clean it in time to avoid affecting the appearance.

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OEM Daltile quartz tiles

5. Do not use strong acid and strong alkaline cleaners: long-term use of strong acid and strong alkaline cleaners will affect the luster of the quartz stone, and neutral cleaners should be used.

6. Do not cover the carpet for a long time: If the carpet is covered on the surface of the quartz stone for a long time without being replaced, it is breathable. The moisture of the quartz stone cannot escape from the pores, causing the water content of the quartz stone to increase, and causing the future to spit out water vapor. The main reason. If you need to lay the carpet on the surface of quartz stone for a long time, please choose a carpet with good air permeability. Keep the room ventilated for a long time to prevent moisture condensation, microbial growth, and stone mildew.

7. Do not use general floor wax: The general floor wax is oily wax, and the wax will stick to dust to block the pores of the quartz stone and form a wax scale, which will cause the surface to be unclean in the future. It is recommended to use a curing agent for stone, which can increase the gloss, anti-slip, abrasion resistance, and anti-static effect.

8. The wheels of shopping and delivery carts in shopping malls should be made of rubber. Hard wheels will scratch the quartz stone.

9. Regular care and maintenance: Regular care of the surface of the stone by a professional stone cleaning and care company can make the quartz stone remain elegant, flawless, smooth, and gorgeous for a long time.

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10. The surface slip resistance of quartz stone is related to the safety of pedestrians. Therefore, the water stains on the surface of the stone must be cleaned up in time, and the slip resistance of the stone surface should be increased.

Any stone needs our careful care in order to be as clean as new. Quartz stone is no exception. The stone must be maintained regularly to make it last longer and add brilliance to our lives.