In quartz stone processing, potting is the final process, but it is also very important. We should check before potting. The hole of the pot is in a good position and the front and back are not reversed. The plates on both sides of the joint seam have no color difference and the joint printing is not obvious ( 600mm distance visual inspection); no sand marks, smoothness, and seizure after water milling; smooth edges and corners of the skirt, no scratches, no chipping, etc.; the lower size pencil marks and handwritings are cleaned.

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The reverse side of the countertop is facing up, and the basin is inverted at the bottom of the countertop. Check whether the basin mouth is consistent with the countertop. Use a dry polishing pad to grind the bottom of the countertop until it is consistent with the countertop. If the star basin is unqualified, such as the edge of the basin is warped If the basin is deformed, scratched, etc., replace the star basin with the same model until it is qualified. Adjust the position of the basin so that the edge of the basin is exposed evenly around the width of the basin hole, then use 502 glue to glue the small squares on three sides to position the basin, and then remove the basin. Use 120# sandpaper to smooth the connecting surface around the basin mouth. Sand the wide side of the stainless steel with 800#-1200# sandpaper (do not damage the inner surface of the basin), sand off the impurities on the side surface, wipe the side with thinner to remove the oil on the surface of the basin and wait for it to dry. Apply glass glue evenly on the part where the edge of the basin is combined with the stainless steel edge (the glass glue should form a continuous circle around the basin mouth); place the basin according to the fixed position, and press it with a small plate and G-clamp Fix, observe the bonding part with light to see where there is glue leakage, if any, use a glass glue gun to fill in the glass glue. Seal the entire periphery with glue (the glue is a mixture of artificial stone glue and powder), and then use a 25mm wide pot reinforcement plate to press the pot edge to fix it. Four reinforcement plates should be used to cover the short sides. In principle, form a circle and fasten it with G-clamps. After 30 minutes, you can enter the next process. After bonding the glue curing agent, remove the clamp, clean the bonding part, and make the basin mouth line.

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The self-inspection content includes: whether the model of the star basin is wrong, whether the direction of the star basin is reversed; whether the edge of the star basin showing the hole is uniform; whether the edge of the star basin is completely consistent with the table surface; the lower edge of the basin is slightly collapsed No complete coverage; the basin reinforcement strips are neat and beautiful.

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