1. The main components of quartz stone: quartz stone = 90% quartz sand (powder) + 10% resin. Quartz stone is quite different from ordinary artificial stone. Because 90% of quartz stone is natural quartz, its character is closer to natural stone. It has the characteristics of natural stone’s hardness and insufficient toughness, and the hardness is higher than that of natural marble, so besides it can be used as a countertop, it is also a highlight of the floor.

2. Processing status Due to the large difference in hardness and toughness between quartz stone and ordinary artificial stone, its processing method is also quite different from that of ordinary artificial stone. However, the current understanding shows that the processing method and technology of quartz stone are There are some misunderstandings in some details, and some only use the processing methods and techniques of ordinary artificial stone to process quartz stone plates. As a quartz stone manufacturer, it is necessary and responsible to put forward some guiding suggestions on the quartz stone processing methods for reference by the cabinet factory processing workshops and quartz stone agents.

countertops that look like quartz

Factory countertops that look like quartz

3. The processing requirements of quartz stone are, in principle, the same as the processing of natural stone. Operators who process quartz stone must have experience in processing natural stone. Operators who have processing general artificial stone but no experience in processing natural stone must in principle be trained before they can work. Common processing tools: essential tools 1. Multifunctional marble cutting machine (cutting material, grinding, and chamfering); 2. Grinding machine (with the diamond grinding disc, resin grinding disc); 3. Cantilever water grinding polishing machine; 4. Hand Electric drill (with diamond set drill R15-R45 mm); 5. Curved data, small blades, triangular glass fixtures, wiring sockets, etc. The materials are (1) marble glue (white, transparent); (2) quartz stone glue (factory preparation); (3) quartz stone dry glue (factory preparation); (4) curing agent.

4. The processing process: on-site measurement and drawing and recording the size → confirm with the customer the design and edge of the countertop → draw and draw the line according to the drawing → cut the material with a marble machine → use a multi-function marble machine or other ** water grinder for grinding Edge shape→blowing and cleaning the glue water→adjusting the glue and smearing the adhesive surface→clamping with **fixture→cutting the waste glue with a blade after curing, using grinding and polishing machine water grinding→polishing→checking the effect of the size. The back is enhanced. Hard diamond water abrasive pads are used for edge grinding and chamfering, first 50#, then 150#, then 300#; when polishing, start with 500# water abrasive pads, and then use 1000#, 2000#, 3000# water abrasive pads in turn. polishing. Note that the diamond water-grinding disc must be hard. The size of the polishing pad is 3 inches or 4 inches, which can be determined according to the needs of users. The connection must be connected with a 45-degree oblique port. For cutting, you must use a hard diamond saw blade with high hardness and high sales volume. When cutting in a water-cooled state, the speed of the saw blade during cutting must be 6000 rpm/above. A saw blade with insufficient emery content will cause the quartz stone plate to crack due to high-speed impact due to insufficient cutting sales, and this type of saw blade is not durable. The high-hardness diamond saw blade used must have a sand outlet or a sand hole to prevent the broken quartz sand from being discharged in time and causing local heating to crack the quartz stone plate during processing.

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China quartz countertops near me prices

5. Opening the furnace hole: 1. Determine the center position of the basin hole according to the design requirements, and the distance between the edge of the furnace hole and the rear water retaining edge is not less than 70mm; 2. When opening the furnace hole, the four corners of the furnace hole must be punched The drill bit must be a high-hardness diamond drill bit, which is available in Yunfu’s stone processing tool supplies store), and then use a wire cutter to slowly and evenly cut into squares. When cutting, the plate cannot be cut through at one time, and it should be cut in two steps. , Cut 1/3 of the thickness of the plate, and cut through the plate in the second step to prevent the plate from cracking. 3. When opening the furnace hole, there must be a backing plate at the bottom of the quartz stone plate, which cannot be completely suspended, and the bearing force must be uniform to prevent cracking during the opening process due to uneven force. 4. After the furnace hole is cut into a square, use an angle grinder to grind the four corners of the furnace hole into a circular arc angle, the radius of the arc is not less than R10mm, the back of the four corners of the furnace hole is thickened with a small plate of about 120×120mm, and then the angle grinder is used to grind it. Into the corresponding arc, the four sides are thickened with quartz stone plates with a width of more than 30mm.

6. The glue that can be used when bonding quartz stone The glue that can be used when bonding quartz stone is the same as the glue used for natural stone. (1) Marble glue. The specific use must be carried out in accordance with the requirements in the instruction manual. (2) Quartz stone glue. It is prepared by the quartz stone factory, and when using it, it must be ensured that the barge is water-free, dry, oil-free, and wax-free. If you are not sure, wipe it with acetone or thinner water, and let it dry before bonding. The connection port of the quartz stone is preferably a 45-degree oblique connection, and the connection port must be ground. . This glue can be cured within 15 minutes, but the real maturation is one week later, and one month later, it can be completely matched with the quartz stone (fitting). (3) Quartz stone dry glue. Prepared by the quartz stone factory, it uses the same glue as the quartz stone** glue, except for the difference between wet and dry. (4) Epoxy AB-type dry hanging glue. It is available at Yunfu Stone Store, and it can be used according to the instructions when using it. In short, the processing technology of quartz stone is the same as the processing technology of natural stone, and the processing methods and tools are the same as those of natural stone. Do not transplant the processing technology of general artificial stone to quartz stone.

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OEM home depot kitchen countertops quartz

Quartz stone is a new generation of nano anti-fouling, non-radiation, and natural quartz sand and quartz powder as the basic material of quartz artificial stone under the modern environmental protection concept. Compared with the current series of artificial stones such as cast resin artificial stone, acrylic plate, calcium powder stone in the countertop industry, their hardness, abrasion resistance, and anti-fouling performance are more prominent.