Quartz stone has a variety of colors, is more serious, can be widely used in public buildings, and home decoration fields, is non-radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, and green new building interior decoration material.

The cabinet is the daily life of each family, the most contact, the most frequently used family plate, needs to purchase and production installation in reasonable planning and purchase, the choice of countertop is more critical, the following mainly explains the artificial quartz stone countertop installation method and precautions.

1. Check the installation site
Do a good job of inspection before installation, carefully check the flatness of cabinets and floor cabinets, and check whether there is no error between the countertop and the site size.

2. Leave seams
When measuring the depth of the cabinet, the countertop and wall need to reserve a gap of 3-5mm, the main purpose is to prevent the thermal expansion and contraction of the subsequent countertop and cabinet, and at the same time, glue needs to be applied to the gap in this link.

3. Install the sink
It is necessary to partially correct the quartz stone countertop and the water on the countertop in advance, and then tap to check whether it is suspended.

4. Splicing countertops
In order to ensure the flatness of the splicing table and the tightness of the joints, it is recommended to use a strong fixing clip to fix the quartz stone plate.

5. Treat gaps
After the countertop is installed, the gap needs to be treated, and the countertop can be squeezed with a strong glass clamp.

6. Waterproof treatment
Apply some toning glue evenly to the bottom of the cabinet water retaining strip to stick the water retaining strip together.

When installing, pay attention to:
1. Before installation, you must check the flatness of the on-site cabinets and floor cabinets to check whether the installation table and the site size are without error, if there is an error, it needs to be trimmed, if the site cannot be completed, the processing plant should carry out secondary processing.

2. When designing the plane splicing, the physical properties of quartz stone should be taken into account to avoid the consequences of joint cracking caused by thermal expansion and contraction or stress concentration, and the force of the plate must be fully considered when selecting the connection position. Avoid connecting at corners or furnace openings.

3. When designing the corner of the table, the stress concentration should be fully considered, causing cracking at the corner of the table, so the arc angle with a radius of more than 25mm should be maintained at all corners during processing.

4. When designing the hole position, the hole opening position should be greater than or equal to 80mm from the edge of the table surface to prevent the hole position from cracking, and the corner of the hole opening should be kept with a radius of more than 25mm.

5. When the table is installed, there should be a 3-5mm expansion gap between the table and the wall, so as to effectively ensure that the table does not crack due to thermal expansion and contraction.

6. If you need to install sinks and other devices, first of all, the quartz stone countertop and the water on the countertop should be partially trimmed, and knocked, check whether it is suspended, for some tiny suspension, should be under the stone to play some glass glue for filling, for some serious unevenness, you need to stop the construction, adjust the cabinet to a flat state.

7. For some L-shaped countertops or some ultra-long countertops, some strong glass clamps can be used to clamp the countertop extrusion gap when necessary, and the gap must be cleaned up.

About conservation:
Although the surface of quartz stone has a strong ability to resist pollution, in order to ensure the normal use of quartz stone countertops, it is still necessary to prevent it from contacting some harsh chemicals.

If you accidentally get contaminated with such items, be sure to rinse the surface of the quartz stone immediately with plenty of soapy water. By paying more attention to these small details of daily life, the quartz countertop will be well maintained and cleaned, so that it will always look bright and new, and the service life will be extended accordingly.