1. Connection port
In order to avoid plate cracking and obtain the best processing effect, the following factors must be considered in the selection of connection parts:

●The connection port should avoid the position of the stove or basin, and cannot be connected at the corner at 45o, and cannot be connected at the hole of the basin stove (the distance is not less than 80mm).

●The location of the water basin is generally centered on the length of the water tank of the cabinet; the location of the cooker is generally centered on the hood.

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2. Corner
In the L-shaped and U-shaped cabinets, the countertop should be spliced ​​by more than two plates, and the splicing position should be at the corner. The processed one-piece solid block plate cannot be used, because the L-shaped solid block plate is easy to break under the action of thermal expansion and contraction or mechanical stress.

3. Hole and groove
●The hole should be opened in the factory according to the measurement drawing as much as possible to reduce the on-site hole; choose the round corner hole, the cracking rate is the lowest.

●If the distance between the grooved part and the seam of the countertop is less than 150mm, the area needs to be supported and reinforced by wooden strips or artificial stone strips.

●It is forbidden to cut the inner corners into right angles by cross-cutting; when cutting, please use cold water tools to avoid cracks.

●There should be a gap of 3-5mm around the pothole to avoid cracking due to the small hole being squeezed and to prepare for the need for later expansion processing.

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4. End polishing
The surface of the tabletop must be polished and polished in the same color as other parts, and be polished at a uniform level; cold water tools must be used during polishing to prevent the plate from breaking due to heat, and manual polishing of the quartz stone surface is strictly prohibited.

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5. Levelness
The floor cabinet must be level, the upper and lower error is less than 1.5MM, and the full backing plate must be firmly padded to ensure the same level and no deformation. There can be no overhead between the countertop and the cabinet. If there is no cabinet, it must be supported at the overhead; the overall cabinet levelness requirements: the absolute value of the adjacent two points is ≤0.5mm, and the overall absolute value is ≤3 mm.