Quartz stone is popular and widely used in decoration because of its noble, elegant, and light-forgiving effects. In daily use, maintenance includes waxing and crystal surface treatment, which can sustain the brightness of the quartz stone surface. But what is not in the US is the splicing of quartz stone, but there has been no good treatment method. Because the analysis of the splicing of quartz stone is obvious, after a period of use, the joints will appear irreversible pollution, such as the black joints, which will seriously affect the quartz. The overall beauty of stone products.

msi glacier white quartz

MSI glacier white quartz countertops

The hardness of the quartz stone plate can be as high as Mohs’ hardness level 7, which is second only to the hardness of diamond, so it is more difficult to seamlessly splice in processing. For example, the processing of quartz stone countertops cannot be the same as other artificial stone products. It can be polished at will. After the quartz stone plate is polished, the plate will lose its original luster and whiten.

The seamless splicing construction process of quartz stone generally has the following steps:

white bathroom vanity with quartz top

white bathroom vanity with quartz top

1. The splicing interface uses bevel splicing, try to avoid straight splicing. Choose the same color resin glue issued by the quartz stone manufacturer to improve the overall feeling, and the color should be matched with the plate again before use to achieve the most ideal visual effect.

2. Apply the adjusted resin glue evenly, and fix it with F-clamp or A-clamp. The glue will swell up due to being squeezed, which is not necessary to be busy removing the glue because the glue will shrink to a certain extent after it is fixed.

pure white quartz slab

pure white quartz slab countertops

3. Use polishing pads and polishing fillers to form a horizontal surface with the quartz stone to increase the overall sense of the stone. For grinding and polishing, a special polishing machine for granite can be used to grind the water-grinding sheet from 50-3000 mesh from coarse to fine, so that the board is bright and smooth as new.