At present, quartz stone is increasingly used in various public places, home spaces, and other places. Because the water absorption rate of quartz stone is extremely low, the surface is smooth and difficult to paste. When using traditional cement mortar to bond and pave, water spots and discoloration are prone to appear if improperly handled, resulting in more hollowing, cracking, shedding, bulging, etc. than natural stone Various problems.

floor and decor quartz countertops

China floor and decor quartz countertops

Quartz is used on the ground in more and more places. In order to avoid this undesirable phenomenon, the choice of materials is particularly important. The thickness of the quartz stone should be more than 20mm, and the quartz stone manufacturer should explain the ground use when purchasing. The formula of the quartz stone floor tile should be different from other application fields. The adhesive should abandon the use of traditional cement paste for paving, and special glue powder should be used. Because the surface of the quartz stone is smooth, the adhesive should be brushed before separating from the adhesive in the later stage.

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Quartz stone floor paving requirements:

1. Stir the rubber powder, the ratio of rubber powder to water should be 2 (rubber powder): 1 (water) after evenly stirring and then standing still for 3-5 minutes, stirring again for 2 minutes before use (use within two hours).

2. Adhesive, the board should be applied with adhesive 2 hours before use. The adhesive must be completely transparent before use.

3. After paving and confirming that there is no water or dust on the base surface, scrape the quartz stone adhesive (strip shape/full batch scraping) with a thickness of more than 7mm, the same way as the back of the stone, the thickness is 2-3mm, and then paste the quartz stone using a rubber mallet Tap lightly so that the new quartz stone can completely adhere to the adhesive. Then correct the seam between the level and the adjacent board, and pay attention to the seam of 3mm or more between the stone.

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Note: After the quartz stone is installed, it must meet the specified requirements (usually after 48 hours) before walking on it to avoid uneven paving or damage.