For stone processors, the splicing of quartz stone requires relatively high technical requirements for the processing master. The hardness of quartz stone is comparable to that of natural granite, so the splicing is not like an ordinary artificial stone. If you want to do it Seamless splicing is even more difficult.

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Before splicing, check whether the connecting surfaces of the connecting plates are straight and consistent. If the connecting ports are not straight and consistent, there will be glue marks on the connection, which will affect the quality of the connection and the perfection of the seamless splicing. . The simple way to ensure that the interfaces are consistent is to first place the two plates to be connected on the same plane, make the two sides to be connected as close as possible, fix them with F clamps, and then fix them in place with positioning guides. The machine cuts the two sides to be spliced ​​at the same time to obtain a smooth and even connection.

In order to make the front and upper end of the connection port tight and seamless, wipe with 120# sandpaper below 2mm-3mm on the front surface of the connection port, then clean the connection area with alcohol or thinner, and finally check whether the connection port is smooth. Put the two prepared plates on the same plane, leaving a 3mm gap between the two plates to ensure effective control of the glue when connecting, so that the glue at the connection port can be fully contained.

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Pour the prepared glue evenly on the connecting port. The amount of glue accounts for more than 1/2 of the remaining gap, and then fasten the connected board with an F clip or A clip as soon as possible. Check the connection carefully when tightening. Whether the surface of the badge is flat, if not, it must be lightly hammered above the board surface with a rubber hammer until the inspection is completely flat. During the curing time of the glue, all clamps must not be loosened or moved at will. People or other heavy objects cannot be placed on the board, otherwise, the quality of the connection will be seriously affected. After the glue has solidified, remove the excess glue with a gong or angle grinder, and then smooth it with a grinder. Do not use a chisel to shovel, otherwise, it will affect the quality and appearance of the connecting surface, or even chipping, Leaving hidden dangers.

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