Kitchen decoration is the most important part of the whole home decoration. Kitchen decoration is also the most complicated place. The most important thing is to choose cabinet countertops. The quality of countertops directly affects the service life of the entire cabinet. The common countertop materials on the market are artificial stone, quartz stone, natural stone, and stainless steel, and the most popular are quartz stone countertops. Because quartz stone has many advantages such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high-temperature resistance, anti-permeability, non-toxicity, etc., the price of quartz stone is also the highest. Besides, decoration must cost money. When choosing countertop materials, many people are often reluctant to spend money. , I always feel that the quality of the material of the same name should be similar. However, various cracking problems often occur less than a year after use.

clear quartz countertops

Kitchen clear quartz countertops

After the countertop appears to be cracked, you will often be “kicked the ball” when you find a merchant, but the problem must be solved. Should it be repaired or replaced with a new countertop? The products of branded quartz stone manufacturers have a one-year warranty. During the warranty period, if there is a plate or processing problem, they will be replaced free of charge. After all, people will not break their own brand because of this small matter. If merchants “kick the ball” with each other, you can imagine that what you are buying is not guaranteed, and it also means that what you are buying is a low-priced product.

Should it be replaced or repaired after cracking? If it is purchased at a low price, the editor recommends that you replace it directly, because this kind of board may have safety hazards and cause certain harm to the human body. If you buy a branded quartz stone and it is within the warranty period, you don’t have to worry about it, the manufacturer will replace it directly for you. If it is improperly used or the warranty period has expired, it should be selected according to the degree of cracking. If the length of the crack does not reach 20cm, it can be repaired. The repair should be done by professionals and do not operate by yourself.

seaming quartz countertops

White-colored seaming quartz countertops

Finally, the editor will teach you a quick way to distinguish the quality of quartz stone, just a drop of toilet cleaner. After the countertop is installed, drip the toilet cleaner on the countertop and observe for five minutes. If bubbles appear, it is unqualified. You can request replacement or return on the spot.

affordable quartz countertop

China white affordable quartz countertop