1. See

The back of the regular quartz stone will have the code of the stone company.

There should also be lines on the back, because the hardness of the quartz stone is very hard, so there should be cut lines.

SS1803-Crystal Blue quartz slab

Crystal Blue quartz slab

2. Soak in strong acid

Poor quality quartz stone will have bubbles around it after being soaked in strong acid.

This is a high-quality quartz stone, it will not bubble up after being soaked in strong acid.

3. Scrape with a knife

Many people don’t know much about quartz stone, and they don’t know where to start when buying. Here are a few experiments to let everyone know how to distinguish true and false quartz countertops.

After scraping inferior quality quartz stone with a knife, the powder will appear.

The high-quality quartz stone is hard, there will be no powder after scraping, and the metal color of the knife will remain on the quartz stone.

yellow quartz kitchen countertops

yellow quartz slab

4. Burn with fire

Add some detergent and water before scrubbing.

Poor quality quartz stone will have yellow marks that cannot be erased after being burned.