The use of stone in modern decoration is more and more common, and the requirements for stone in high-end decoration are getting higher and higher. Featured stone is emerging because of the situation. Now let me introduce the reasons for choosing characteristic stone in villas, hotels, and high-end places.

1. The material is the grey quartz stone and semi-precious stone: ordinary decoration stone material is generally marble and granite, while the material of characteristic stone is mostly quartz stone, semi-precious stone, and even gems. Some gems are the main raw materials of the jewelry industry, so their materials are extremely rare And precious.

grey sparkle quartz countertops

grey sparkle quartz countertops

2. The color is natural and unique: the color of the characteristic stone is rich and colorful, such as the rich and precious yellow of Anta Jinzhi, and the fresh and natural green bamboo of green bamboo.

3. The lines are majestic and majestic: the rules and irregularities of the lines are so eclectic, such as the yellow robe sweeping the world, and the galaxy green free and easy.

4. High processing difficulty: the hardness of the characteristic stone is mostly above level 7, and some are close to the hardness of diamond at level 8-9. The cutting difficulty is 3 to 4 times that of ordinary stone. For example, Jinlinglong is the hardest variety of characteristic stone.

5. Improve taste: Taste is like a person’s personality charm, which naturally affects every strand of air around you from the inside out. Like a butterfly dream.

6. Not easy to be imitated: have been imitated, never surpassed. Such as the Blue Nebula.

7. High gloss: The characteristic stone has high gloss, and the light transmission effect is remarkable, such as a deserted jade meteor.

8. Precious and rare: They are all limited editions all over the world. Because of their rare varieties and few mine resources, they are produced in limited quantities every year, such as sea ice blue with the characteristics of lake rocks.

grey sparkle quartz

grey sparkle quartz

Quartz stone is a kind of artificial stone. It has the characteristics of natural environmental protection, non-toxic, and non-radiation. Quartz stone has the hardness of natural quartz, is compact and has no pores and cracks, is durable, elegant and fashionable, and meets the nobility of modern urbanites. The psychological needs of cost-effective and high-performance are welcomed and favored by modern decoration. Natural contextual style: Most of the patterns and colors of the quartz stone slabs have been carefully designed by top designers for several years, researched and developed through repeated trials, and contain a variety of natural jade mineral categories and colors.