Quartz is a mineral resource with very stable physical and chemical properties. The content of quartz in the quartz stone plate is more than 93%, so it is called quartz stone by the quartz stone manufacturer. The colorful combination of quartz stone gives it the texture of natural stone and beautiful surface gloss. In terms of craftsmanship, quartz stone has colorful colors and can be widely used in many fields, such as countertops, window sills, floors, walls and dining tables, etc.; and it is a new type of green building decoration material that is non-radioactive and reusable.

honed white quartz

honed white quartz countertops

In many application fields, quartz stone is the embodiment of the realization of the grade. The flatness and cleanness of the performance make the use in the home to obtain better artistic appreciation value. When used, the quartz stone will also have good health. Factors, non-toxic, and non-radiation during use, provide a safety guarantee for our health, and also obtain sufficient value presentation.

q quartz arctic white

q quartz arctic white splashes

Nowadays, fire protection has more factors in life. When we have good environmental protection, we can also better reflect different values ​​for display. In the process of using quartz stone, there is a better concept of fire resistance and a more complete combination of the current awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection.

white venato quartz

white venato quartz