The current quartz stone product market is similar to that of the 20-year stone market and the artificial stone market 10 years ago. In the future, the market will increase at an annual rate of 500% and has a huge market space.

Initially, quartz stone was only used on cabinet countertops, furniture countertops, and laboratory workbenches with high surface requirements. With the economic development and the further maturity of the market, more and more foreign grounds, walls, furniture, and other fields have begun to use quartz stone, such as various large hotels, luxury residences, and landmark buildings. Quartz stone is gradually becoming a substitute for natural stone. . The customers who use quartz stone are constantly changing. From traditional wholesalers to real estate development companies to architectural decoration companies, more and more people are joining the trend of quartz stone consumption. International customers generally believe that quartz stone products are high in hardness and high-end. Compared with natural stone, they have more design possibilities and are environmentally friendly and non-radiative. Although the largest stone in the market is still granite, quartz stone is a popular trend in the future. In the future, it will replace the most natural stones. Now quartz stone is in short supply in the global market, and this situation will continue for at least five to ten years.

pink quartz countertops

Colored pink quartz countertops

Artificial quartz stone has become an emerging countertop material in the world, and more and more quartz stone products are entering consumer homes in Europe and America. Especially at the Milan International Cabinet Fair in 2006, we can clearly feel this trend in the new products launched by famous brand cabinets from all over the world. Most cabinet brands use quartz stone instead of natural stone for display. In terms of market channels, each brand adopts self-built channels and wholesales. The market scale of the entire quartz stone is 300 million RMB, accounting for less than 1/75 of the entire international market. Compared with the international market, the trend of Chinese quartz stone has just begun.

In 2010, China’s artificial stone market has a capacity of 50 billion RMB, and quartz stone accounts for less than 10% of artificial stone products. As more companies enter the quartz stone market, the production technology is further improved and the market continues to mature, and the quartz stone market is gradually Is activated, consumer demand continues to increase. From the statistics of the cabinet industry, in the five years from 2005 to 2010, my country will have a market capacity of 29 million sets of overall kitchen furniture, an average of 5.8 million sets per year. If an average of 10,000 yuan per set, cabinet countertops will account for Among them, 40% of the cost is calculated, and the cabinet countertops alone have 34.8 billion yuan in market space each year. And quartz stone will become the mainstream product of cabinet countertops. Coupled with other applications such as bathroom countertops, desktops, floors, walls, etc., quartz stone will nurture a huge industry.

pental quartz countertops

China pental quartz countertops

The performance characteristics of quartz stone:

1. Long-lasting and beautiful: Quartz stone is synthesized by high-pressure power in a vacuum state, and its surface is dense, with no pores, no water absorption, and strong anti-fouling. Oil, sauce, vinegar, juice, coffee, etc. used in general kitchens are difficult to penetrate.

2. Scratch resistance: Quartz stone and its hardness, Mohs hardness above 6. Household items such as a shovel, wallpaper knife, steel wire ball, and other ordinary iron can not be scratched or worn (but avoid hard objects such as diamonds, quartz stone equipment sandpaper, cemented carbide, and other hard objects to scratch the surface).

3. Anti-fading: The pigment of quartz stone is mainly mineral material, which has a strong anti-fading ability. It is difficult to observe the color change with the naked eye under the local contrast irradiation under strong sunlight. Basically, it can be regarded as a non-fading material.

4. No burns: The basic raw material of quartz stone is mainly quartz sand particles, and the melting point of quartz stone itself is above 1300 degrees. After adding a small number of composite materials, its surface still has a fairly high resistance to burns. In the family, the countertop is often burned by cigarette butts or hot coke residue from the bottom of the pot. The ability of quartz stone to resist these burns maintains a long-lasting smoothness and does not appear to be dented or spotted.

5. Non-toxic and non-radiation: The raw material of quartz stone before artificial compounding is natural quartz stone particles that have been selected and pickled. It does not contain heavy metal impurities, and there is no radioactive problem, and the entire production process does not undergo chemical treatment. . It is a completely environmentally friendly material.

6. Corrosion resistance: Quartz stone has excellent acid resistance, and the acid commonly used in life is not enough to destroy it.

calacatta verona quartz countertops

Calacatta Verona quartz countertops

Identify the quality of quartz stone
And after years of development of quartz stone, although various quartz stone products are on the market today, the quality of the products is uneven. What about the good points of Tathagata to identify quartz stone? The following are some suggestions for you.

1. From the analysis of raw materials, the main material of quartz stone contains more than 90% of quartz ore and about 10% of resin and particulate trace elements. There are two main types of quartz ore: coarse sand and refined sand. Coarse sand contains more impurity points due to screening reasons, and the ore sand is relatively coarse, so it is not as good-looking and durable as the countertop of refined sand.

2. Looking at the hardness of the plate, there are two methods for quartz stone: one is die-casting; the other is casting. Casting quartz stone is directly cast into shape, resulting in pores in the middle of the plate, which is easy to penetrate the plate, and the plate is easy to crack if the resin is too much. Die-casting quartz stone is to be formed by a press machine to make the plate tighter and denser without penetration. However, the number of die-cast quartz stones on the market is uneven, mainly due to the size of the press. The presses of small manufacturers are relatively small, generally at a pressure of 20 tons (sheet specifications 2400*760*15mm), while the presses of large manufacturers are all above 60 tons and about 90 tons (sheet specifications 3050*1450*15mm). The force of a square plate of a large manufacturer is 20T, and the hardness of such a plate can reach a bus hardness of 80 or more, and a Mohs hardness of 6 (which can be tested by a professional department). Generally, when the countertop is knocked at the scene, the sound is relatively crisp, and the quality of the countertop is more reliable.

3. Whether or not quartz stone countertops can be made depends on the strength of the manufacturer. The strength of the manufacturer is determined by the research and development department, and the color of the quartz stone can reflect the strength of a company. The colors of quartz stone are mainly monochromatic and mixed colors. Monochrome mainly depends on whether the background color is transparent, the color is correct, and the number of impurities is used to judge the quality. The mixed-color color system is mainly equipped with solid wood door panels and high-end cabinets, mainly in the titanium series, the magic color series, the leather grain series, and the ordinary two-color three-color system. Like the small manufacturers and low-end brands on the market today, the quartz stone is mainly monochromatic, with a little bit of ordinary two-color three-color, and there are few manufacturers with good-looking and complete colors.

4. Finally, from the analysis of the particles, the particles of good quartz stone are richer, including glass particles, quartz sand particles, and metal particles, and the impurities of good plate particles are relatively small. Such plates are refreshing, clean, and beautiful.

To sum up, the key to distinguishing the quality of quartz stone is to learn to compare. Starting from the above four aspects, sometimes you can see which quartz stone countertop is better at a glance, so you can choose one that you like, rest assured, price-quality Fair product.