Engineered quartz stone is a new type of building decoration material that appeared late. At present, relying on its advantages in performance and price, it has begun to gradually replace acrylic artificial stone and become the main material in kitchen countertops and other fields. In the future, with the upgrading of engineered quartz stone towards high physical strength, high corrosion resistance, highly simulated appearance, and diversified functions, the application field will undoubtedly become more extensive, and the industry’s growth expectations are obvious.

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Engineered quartz stone slabs and countertops, products are widely used in kitchen countertops, sink countertops, restaurant tabletops, floors, stairs, and other residential and public building interior decoration fields.

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As we all know, the market demand for engineered quartz stone is highly related to downstream residential decoration, public building decoration, and other industries. Among them, the residential decoration market can be said to be the most important terminal consumer market for engineered quartz stone products. According to statistics released by the China Building Decoration Association, the scale of my country’s residential decoration market has continued to expand in recent years, and the output value has increased from 0.85 trillion yuan in 2008. Increased to 2.04 trillion yuan in 2018, the total scale has expanded by 1.19 trillion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 9.15%. At the same time, it is understood that in recent years, engineered quartz stone products have been expanding significantly in hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, and other public installations. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, my country’s retail, accommodation, and catering industries have added fixed assets from 2010 to 2017. The growth rates are as high as 17.20% and 13.18%, respectively. From 2010 to 2019, the compound growth rate of sales of office buildings and commercial buildings in my country is also as high as 10.58% and 8.34%, showing that my country’s public building decoration demand is showing a rapid growth trend. . And this undoubtedly provides a broad development space for man-made quartz stone enterprises.

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