According to product performance analysis of many building decoration materials, wood contains harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde. At present, 80% of the wooden furniture on the Chinese market has excessive benzene and formaldehyde. Natural marble has high radiation hazards and is harmful to the human body. Decoration cannot be used in 360 degrees. The quartz stone is made of natural quartz sand as the filling material and heated and solidified in a vacuum high-pressure kiln.

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Green building decorative stone Quartz stone can replace the precious stone in decoration, and it has also made great improvements in environmental protection. The future society is a sustainable society, and environmental protection and energy-saving are the themes of society, so in the next few years, my country’s green building decoration quartz stone will be greatly developed!

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At present, ceramics and natural stone are the two mainstream materials in the decoration market. Today, when the problem of resource waste and environmental pollution is getting more and more serious, and environmental awareness is getting more and more attention, the production of some can replace pollution to the environment. The products are very important, and the green building decoration quartz stone is easy to maintain, does not absorb dirt on the surface, and is easy to clean. It avoids the problems of easy oxidation, easy dirt absorption, discoloration, difficult cleaning, and uneven color of natural stone on the surface of natural stone. With the smoothness of ceramics and the easy processing characteristics of wood, it can create an excellent home space with strong decorativeness. It is now widely used in countertops for cabinets and bathrooms. In addition, it can also be widely used in high-end residences, villas, star hotels, commercial squares, airports, subway stations, walls, floor paving, pillars, suspended ceilings, etc., or for deep processing. In fact, the current application of artificial stone is still too narrow, and its broader application areas have yet to be developed.

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