At present, quartz stone has been widely used in the entire architectural decoration. Quartz stone has a colorful appearance that can be adjusted manually and has the same hardness as natural stone. Therefore, the processing of quartz stone is different from ordinary artificial stone, especially for seamless splicing. For the glue used for splicing, many people recommend us to use the resin glue issued by the quartz stone manufacturer. Time does not freeze, what causes it?

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The reasons why the glue does not solidify are as follows:

1. Workers did not strictly adjust the glue according to the proportion during construction. If the glue is not adjusted evenly according to the proportion, it will not dry, and after a long time, it will pollute the stone!

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2. It is not adjusted according to the environment of the construction site (temperature and humidity). The use of resin glue must be mixed with quartz powder and curing agent. Therefore, there are certain requirements for temperature and humidity, and the amount of curing agent added must follow Variety.

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3. Water in the glue or construction in rainy and damp areas can only cause slow curing of the glue. In this case, increase the amount of curing agent used.