As the country’s requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection become more and more stringent, the production threshold of ceramic tiles has been raised, affecting the production of ceramic tiles. Under this trend, artificial quartz stone slabs may become the next popular building decoration material, starting from the ceramic tile market. It’s natural to get a share of the pie. Coupled with the government’s support for the environmentally friendly building materials industry, the performance and technology of quartz stone manufacturing equipment have been improved day by day, and the production cost has been further reduced, which has reduced the price of quartz stone. It has laid a very good foundation in the future market.

quartz cost per square foot

White quartz cost per square foot

Quartz stone is an artificial stone. Compared with the production of ceramic tiles, it has obvious advantages in full utilization of resources and energy saving. The continuous stability of technology and product quality has prompted the application of quartz stone to gradually expand from kitchen and bathroom decoration to areas such as floors and walls.

What are the advantages of quartz stone over ceramics?

vicostone quartz surfaces

Crystal vicostone quartz surfaces

1. Compared with ceramic tiles, the process of quartz stone is much simpler. It does not need to be burnt in the kiln or spray tower, which reduces air pollution.

2. The raw material of quartz stone is easy to find. Quartz sand can be mixed with scraps such as broken glass and agate ore to make products of different colors, which can effectively use recycled waste.

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3. Ceramic tiles have high energy consumption and relatively serious pollution. In the post-processing of pollution, quartz stone also saves a lot of costs.

The artificial quartz stone is made of quartz sand as the main raw material, added with some ingredients, and then subjected to high vibration and high pressure. Its color is very diverse so that it can effectively avoid the over-exploitation of natural stone, and it can use some waste materials. Environmental protection is significant.