The importance of the kitchen in a home is self-evident, so the decoration of the kitchen has always been one of the most important areas in home decoration. Because the kitchen is where we cook three meals a day, it is the place where we have direct contact with the food, so the environmental protection of materials is very important, especially the cabinet countertops. Among many countertop materials, quartz stone is known as the leader of countertop materials due to its natural production material, high hardness, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and rich and beautiful texture. However, recently many people have reported that their quartz stone countertops have a greater smell after heating. , Even a bit pungent, what is the reason?

calacatta quartz gold

Calacatta quartz gold countertops

Quartz stone plate is a brand-new artificial stone product made of 93% quartz sand, 7% resin, and other binders, and is die-casted by quartz stone manufacturers using the equipment. The scientific name is brittle polymer composite material. The production materials used are in compliance with the national environmental protection standards, and the quartz stone is also included in the national green building decoration material, so the quartz stone will not have a pungent smell after being heated.

In other words, the quartz stone you bought has a peculiar smell, then you may be buying fake quartz stone. The raw material of quartz stone, quartz sand itself, does not have any odor. The adhesive used epoxy resin, curing agent and toner will have a certain odor, but it will be heated and cured during production, so the plate is not before leaving the factory. There is no smell. However, it is not ruled out that some manufacturers choose inferior resin or other binders for production, and the existence of peculiar smells in such boards is not ruled out.

calacatta manhattan quartz

Calacatta manhattan quartz countertops

Kitchen countertops are often in close contact with our food, so its quality is directly related to the health of our family. When choosing its materials, we should choose some big brands and good quality quartz stones. Don’t affect our choices because of the price, and bury hidden dangers to family health.

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China Calacatta Classique countertop