Artificial quartz stone is composed of more than 90% natural quartz and about 10% pigment, resin, and other additives for adjusting bonding and curing. It is a plate processed by negative pressure vacuum, high-frequency vibration molding, heating, and curing (the temperature is based on the type of curing agent and the production method is processed.

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First, use a special mixer to stir the materials (including resin and quartz sand, etc.), and then spread the materials into the mold, and then send them to the press to form, then send the plates to the curing oven for curing, and finally the subsequent processing system (including the flap, Thickness setting, polishing, cutting, etc.).

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The raw material of artificial quartz stone is stirred by mixing the proportioned resin, coupling agent, curing agent, and color material in a special mixing barrel for a suitable time; at the same time, pour the prepared quartz sand and added particles into another Inside the mixer; finally mix the first two batches of raw materials and mix them evenly. The uniformity of the artificial quartz stone raw materials will directly affect the color and particle uniformity of the artificial quartz stone product. If the color and particles of the finished artificial quartz stone are uneven, it will be considered defective.

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