01. Stone countertops Granite
Granite, especially the black gold sand, was chosen by many customers as the first choice for cooktops in the past few years. Black gold sand has high hardness, wear resistance, and luster. Today I am still talking about this issue with our installer, and he likes the stovetop made of black gold sand very much. Just because there are so many types of materials that can be used as stove tops, and they are no longer limited, so there are relatively few people making stove tops in Heijinsha.

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02. Stone countertop · Marble
Marble has many patterns on the surface of the countertop, with natural texture and natural material, and the appearance of the countertop is super high when used in the kitchen. Moreover, natural marble is strong and scratch-resistant, and it is not easy to crack under high temperatures or impact.

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03. Stone countertops, quartz stone.
The quartz stone mentioned here is a special quartz stone for the stove, not the general imitation quartz stone. Quartz stone is wear-resistant and not afraid of scratches. It has good heat resistance and can be used for paving large areas and sticking to walls. It is seamlessly spliced, durable, highly resistant to pollution, and is not easy to penetrate stains. This is the most widely used cooktop material on the market today.

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04. Stone countertops, sintered porcelain countertops.
sintered porcelain, a new type of material, is safe and hygienic, fireproof, and high-temperature resistant. It has been quickly loved by the public. The advantages of sintered porcelain are safe and hygienic, fireproof, high-temperature resistance, stain resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, etc., making it a popular material for stovetops. And as people’s requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, sintered porcelain slabs will eventually occupy an absolute position in the aspect of stovetops.

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