It is self-evident that the quality of cabinet countertops has an impact on the overall function of the cabinet. A good cabinet countertop needs to have anti-fouling, anti-sliding, high-temperature, and corrosion-resistant properties. Quartz stone cabinet countertops are very common. How to distinguish high quality from inferior quality during the purchase process? Take a look at the following 7 tips.

aura quartz countertop

OEM aura quartz countertop

1. [Hardness]: The content of artificial quartz stone is above 93%, and the resin content of inferior products is too high. Scrape the quartz stone countertop with a hard object such as a knife. The high-quality quartz stone plate will not be scratched.

2. [High-temperature resistance]: We can use cigarette butts to burn the surface of the quartz stone directly, but the burning of the cigarette butts will not leave any traces on the high-quality quartz stone plate.

3. [Corrosion resistance]: High-quality quartz stone is not doped with marble or granite powder. These minerals have calcium carbonate. A certain proportion of acid drops on the surface of the quartz stone plate. The high-quality quartz stone plate has no reaction.

natural maple cabinets with quartz countertops

Custom design natural maple cabinets with quartz countertops

4. [Plate anti-fouling performance]: Inferior quartz stone has the poor anti-fouling performance. Soy sauce, vinegar, etc. may penetrate into the countertop within a day and become difficult to clean. When buying a countertop, a water-based pen will leave scratches on the quartz stone. The high-quality quartz stone can be restored to its new brightness with a single wipe with a rag, leaving no trace at all.

5. [Pay attention to the crack resistance of the plate]: Because the quartz sand content of the quartz stone plate is above 93%, the hardness is high, and the brittleness is high, and the toughness is low. When the material cannot withstand the internal stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction, cracking will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to choose quartz stone with high crack resistance.

6. [Texture, color, and kitchen overall match]: From the perspective of the texture of the plate, the texture of quartz stone is close to that of natural stone, and the poor quality quartz stone has a strong plastic appearance. The high-quality quartz stone is saturated and round in color, bright in color, and uniform in particles, especially in multi-color plates, with uniform, smooth and clear colors. When choosing a design, consider the overall style matching of the countertop and the kitchen door panel color, floor pattern, and other spaces.

home depot quartz countertop sale

OEM home depot quartz countertop sale

7. [Countertop processing technology]: When purchasing cabinets, look at the cabinet sample countertops. Good processing technology, the joints are handled perfectly, and there are almost no joints. Unqualified processing will cause the countertop to crack, and the rough processing technology will also affect the aesthetics of the countertop.