In the current era of a globalized economy, the ability of an industry to explode in a short period of time depends largely on the needs and demands of the market. In recent years, the quartz stone made by small industries and Dazhi has risen rapidly with the trend of sparking prairie fire. It has been favored by the stone consumer market and occupied many application fields of home improvement and tooling. This time we will take you into the quartz stone industry and explore the reasons behind this phenomenon.

Based on the huge market space and economic potential of quartz stone, since the beginning of this year, many stone enterprises have put the production and export of quartz stone into development priorities. After investigation this year, it was found that this year’s man-made stone enterprises were twice as many as in previous years, with the number reaching nearly 100. The product type is mainly quartz stone. Judging from the distribution of exhibitors, this year, the country’s quartz stone companies are blooming everywhere. Among them, Xiamen Tongan, Nan’an Shuitou, Guangdong Foshan, Guangxi Hezhou, Henan Xinyang, and some counties and cities in Shandong Province are more concentrated. Many unfamiliar faces have joined quartz. Shi Dajun ranks and they attach great importance to the shaping of their own brand. The direction of product management includes not only finished products from foreign orders but also large plates with thicknesses of 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 (CM), and semi-finished products. This is the quartz stone industry. The new development situation not only provides more possibilities for the adjustment of product structure but also further promotes the integration and extension of the industrial chain.

The emergence of this new situation is the choice of the consumer market, the presentation of changes in the relationship between supply and demand, and the inevitable result of the development of the industry. The artificial quartz stone industry has exploded. The reasons are as follows:

silestone pearl jasmine quartz

Silestone pearl jasmine quartz vanity tops

Standardization has laid the foundation for scale
The late-blooming is a suitable overview of China’s quartz stone industry. As far as the current stage is concerned, the industrial scale, number of employees, production value, and technical level of the domestic quartz stone industry have reached the world level, and its research and development, promotion, and popularization have confirmed that the development of domestic artificial stone has entered a new stage.

Quartz stone has the properties of wear resistance, scratch resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability. It has strong plasticity and is versatile. It is a product in the history of artificial building materials. It has gradually become a new favorite in the home improvement market and is quite popular among consumers. favorite. At a time when environmental protection is popular, the environmental protection characteristics of quartz stone are in line with the national sustainable development strategy and make its popularity become inevitable.

The standardization of production is the advantage of artificial stone compared to natural stone; the hard texture and resistance to deformation are the unique advantages of quartz stone compared to other artificial stone products. There are two methods for quartz stone: one is die-casting, and the other is casting. Casting quartz stone is directly cast, causing pores in the middle of the plate to easily penetrate the plate, and the plate with too much resin is easy to crack; die-casting quartz stone is to be molded by a press to make the plate tighter and denser without penetration.

Due to the different sizes of the presses, the current die-cast quartz stones on the market are uneven. The presses of small manufacturers are relatively small, and the general pressure is 20 tons, while the presses of large manufacturers are more than 60 tons, about 90 tons (plate size 3050*1450*15mm), the force of such a plate is 20 tons per square, and the hardness It can reach bus hardness above 80 and Mohs hardness 7 (can be tested by professional department). When hitting the countertop, the sound is crisp and the countertop quality is relatively reliable.

The core product of quartz stone is the countertop. The standardization of production gives it the incomparable superiority of natural stone, and the continuous improvement and upgrading of production technology give it the texture and luster of natural stone. There are many series of quartz stones on the market, such as ordinary, two-color, three-color (so-called multi-color), platinum, gold sand, zircon, and other series, which greatly enrich the product line of quartz stone in terms of color and style. The popularization of quartz stone has contributed greatly.

It is difficult for traditional stone companies to go public, quartz stone will help
In the stone industry in 2021, if you want to comment on two hot words, they must be: “stone internalization” and “stone capitalization”, but for the stone industry, these two roads are really difficult! Natural Because of its unique texture and beauty, stone has become more and more popular in recent years, especially high-end engineering and high-end home improvement residential customers. However, it is also impossible to achieve due to its non-standard characteristics and limited natural resources. Industrial intelligent mass production. In addition, the threshold of my country’s securities laws and regulations has high standards for reviewing the listing of resource-based companies, which has made it difficult for the traditional stone companies to accept natural marble and granite to be accepted by the capital market. This is why, for many years, few traditional stone companies have been able to set foot on the capital market. The few listed stone companies that have been heavily encircled are mostly “unlucky”, and it is precisely the artificial stone industry that has both standardization and branding. Cater to the capital market’s characteristics of “only looking at increments, not stocks”. It is understood that some established stone companies that have been in the industry for decades but have been unable to break through the bottleneck in output value have secretly adopted a strategy involving the artificial stone industry as an important layout for capitalization in the future. Obviously, the injection of the man-made stone industry that can be standardized and mass-produced as the core asset of the listing is not only a little bit higher than the odds of winning the capital market for traditional stone companies.

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Thickness laminated 5 quartz countertops

A group of heroes competes to seize the “big cake” in the domestic market
Although domestic quartz stone started late, it has developed rapidly and is widely used in kitchen and bathroom countertops and many engineering floors. It ranks among the world’s top in terms of market size and application penetration rate. In recent years, with the further maturity of the market, domestic demand for quartz stone has been increasing. Many landmark buildings, villas, mansions, large hotels, etc., quartz stone can be seen everywhere, and it is very eye-catching. The customers who use quartz stone are also constantly changing. From traditional wholesalers to real estate development companies to architectural decoration companies, more and more people are joining the trend of quartz stone consumption.

At this stage, although the quartz stone industry structure is still focusing on export trade, more and more domestic quartz stone enterprises have quietly changed the single mode of production and processing based solely on export orders, invested heavily, and moved towards “scale and specialization”. The development of “automated production” and the simultaneous establishment of the brand, with the intention to deploy domestic agent channels, and even directly target the terminal market.

Nowadays, in the new products launched by famous-brand cabinets from all over the world, most cabinet brands use quartz stone instead of natural stone and traditional artificial stone as display, which means that the application field of quartz stone is broadened and also indicates its broad prospects. At the same time, in terms of the production process, compression molding production will become the main production method of quartz stone in the future. This one-time molding process has a material utilization rate of up to 99%, which is conducive to the control of enterprise production costs.

With the increasing number of domestic quartz stone enterprises and the gradual joining of international quartz stone giants, competition in the domestic quartz stone industry has become more intense, but this is an opportunity and a challenge for Chinese enterprises. In the face of homogenous competition, companies need to review the current situation, follow the trend, turn pressure as the driving force, and use differentiation, specialization, and branding to seize the market as the long-term development mechanism.

Strong foreign trade orders, demand is still strong
The unique advantages of quartz stone have made its application diversified. The demand in the domestic consumer market has grown rapidly, and the export volume of foreign trade has also increased day by day. The overall demand is accelerating.

The more mature international markets include Australia, Europe, and the United States, and other countries and regions. Among them, Australia accounts for about one-third of the world’s annual quartz stone consumption; followed by the United States and Canada; the Middle East and Southeast Asia have significant growth in the quartz stone market. The scope of application of quartz stone abroad is constantly changing. Quartz stone in the cabinet industry is becoming a new substitute product, and the proportion of floor stone decoration has also increased significantly. This market potential has made domestic enterprises dedicated to the production and export of quartz stone see the dawn. It is like an exquisite and delicious cake, whether it is hungry, or eating jade, you can’t help but salivate and eager to try.

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China factory quartz fabrication

Learn and learn from each other
Science and technology are the primary productive force, practical knowledge, and development guide. For enterprises to learn advanced, equipment and technology are one aspect, mechanism and talents are also important. Many foreign artificial quartz stone enterprises are particularly focused on cultivating talents, allowing them to gradually find their sense of belonging, and work more attentively and down-to-earthly in the enterprise and in the industry. Improving the talent training mechanism is one of the urgent problems that domestic stone enterprises need to solve; strengthening their own research and development capabilities, strengthening cooperation with major colleges and universities, domestic and foreign research institutions, and relying on scientific and technological strength to solve technical problems are the current quartz stone enterprises seeking development Effective means.

Quartz stone has developed into a popular artificial stone variety due to its excellent characteristics. Italy, as a research and development place for artificial quartz stone, its business philosophy and market model are worthy of reference by domestic stone enterprises and promote healthy dislocation competition (research and development, and promotion of their own Product characteristics), forming a brand image of corporate stone with a logo, and creating a harmonious resource sharing environment, can promote the healthy and stable development of the entire quartz stone industry.

Industry self-discipline, healthy competition
In terms of market cultivation, the domestic environment is very different from the foreign environment. Many foreign companies have independent capabilities to develop their own unique varieties, communicate with each other, actively innovate, and promote healthy competition. On the other hand, domestic companies have frequent price tugs-of-war, vicious competition among peers, and even new varieties come out in a short time. In the long run, it is not conducive to market cultivation and will also affect the economic benefits of the industry.

Competition is a good thing, but excessive competition should be avoided as much as possible. The results of the market test proved that only those companies that have always insisted on quality and innovation and did not follow the trend to fight price wars can become strong and the king and those temporary behaviors that try to occupy the market through price leverage will eventually damage their reputation and also Will damage the industry. Many small companies have also stepped out of a broad road by adopting differentiated and characteristic development strategies, while the vast majority of large and medium-sized companies continue to provide high-quality products and services, insisting on “design and R&D, raw material production, finished product processing, and product sales as one.” The branding strategy of the company plays the role of fighting against the international quartz stone ** brand. For many years, Xinxing Stone has been committed to stone import and export trade, and the annual export volume of artificial quartz stone has been rising. A large part of the finished products is exported to the United States. It has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with local stone importers, which has greatly enhanced They have confidence in the export of quartz stone overseas.