1. The definition and composition of quartz stone
Quartz stone is a new type of stone made of 90% quartz sand powder and 10% resin under high pressure forming under vacuum conditions and shaped under high-temperature conditions. It is non-radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green new building materials, and decorative materials. Its main body is quartz sand powder, which accounts for about 90%, and resin, pigments, and other auxiliary materials account for about 10%. Quartz stone must fully meet the following four conditions, even if one of the conditions is not met, it belongs to fake quartz stone.

manufactured quartz

manufactured quartz kitchen countertops

The hardness of the quartz stone plate must be provided by quartz sand. Glass is not quartz, and the proportion (mass percentage) of glass particles in the quartz stone plate must be less than 20%.

Resin: Resin is used as the matrix material of quartz stone, which acts as a bonding agent in the quartz stone plate and provides toughness to the quartz stone plate. There are two main resins used in quartz stone: one is unsaturated polyester resin, and the other is acrylic resin (acrylic resin). However, 100% of domestic manufacturers use unsaturated polyester resin, and acrylic quartz stone has not been reported in China.

Filling material: The main component of the quartz stone filling material is silica, including quartz stone sand, quartz stone powder, foundry sand, broken glass, shells, and sea sand. Its main functions are as follows: one is to fill the volume; the second is to enhance the texture of the quartz stone; the third is to enhance the mechanical properties of the quartz stone; the fourth is to act as a flame retardant.

quartz backsplash bathroom

China quartz backsplash bathroom

Pigment: The function of pigment in quartz stone is to adjust the variety of colors to make it rich and colorful. In theory, any color can be formulated through various types of pigments.

Curing agent: A curing agent is an indispensable auxiliary in the production of quartz stone. Good quartz stone is cured at high temperatures.

Other additives: The resin is a polymer material. Appropriate addition of some additives can improve its process performance, increase production efficiency, improve the performance of quartz stone, and prolong its life.

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Engineered blue pearl quartz countertop