Quartz stone countertops are loved by users because they have the texture of natural marble and practical functions such as heat resistance, scratch resistance, and penetration resistance. But most people don’t understand quartz stone countertops, and even some professional cabinets have misunderstandings when introducing products to owners, such as it is a pure natural, can be seamlessly joined, and it is not bad.

Let’s give you a detailed introduction to the product’s characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, use area, purchase instructions, maintenance, and other aspects of knowledge.

1/What is a quartz stone countertop?
First of all, the quartz stone countertop is man-made. Its production process is to crush natural quartz sand, and secondly, it is purified (the process removes metal impurities and avoids the product from being radioactive). After the raw materials are mixed, the quartz crystal (90%-94%), resin (6%), and trace pigments are made into large-size plates through heterogeneous polymerization technology under vacuum conditions, and the surface is polished in more than 30 processes Polished.

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China professional quartz suppliers

2/ Advantages of the product:
Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant
Quartz stone has a Mohs hardness of 7.5 degrees (marble 3 degrees, granite 6.5 degrees), which can prevent iron scratches to a certain extent.
Not easy to penetrate, strong resistance to asexuality
The surface is dense and non-porous, and the water absorption rate is only 0.02%. Generally, acid and alkali substances such as coffee, oil, and sauce cannot penetrate into it.
Non-radiation and non-toxic
Quartz stone is a natural stone crystalline mineral, which is one of the inorganic materials. During the production process, it has been purified to basically eliminate harmful substances. The dense and non-porous material structure on the surface makes bacteria nowhere to hide, so it is safe and non-toxic. Speaking of the radiation of materials, many readers are a bit worried about excessive. We also wrote a “Rumor-defying Post” before: Will the “radiation” of natural marble affect our health?

High processing requirements
The requirements for size measurement, processing, installation, etc. are very high, and a problem in one of the links will affect the appearance and use of the countertop. So choose a good brand company.

Because the particularity of its products is mainly used in the kitchen field, it can be matched with different countertop colors and different processing techniques according to the style of the cabinet. Therefore, the professional degree of the cabinet designer is very important. The editor lists a few points to pay attention to. There is a number in my mind.

The larger the kitchen area, the more prominent the countertop style and shape, especially the open kitchen. Through professional design, it fully demonstrates the artistry of quartz countertops, making the kitchen more integrated and a visual focus. What kind of kitchen style determines the style of countertops. For example, modern styles can choose countertops with simple colors and simple shapes, and European or American styles can choose imitation marble, granite patterns, and complex edges.

The integrated kitchen design is one of the current trends in kitchen design. The perfect combination of dining table and countertop can be realized through the design of professional cabinet designers. Some small processing details need to be paid attention to. For processes like sinks, it is recommended to choose an under-counter basin as much as possible, which is more integrated. Splashed water is not easy to drip into the cabinet. Side splicing should be 45° splicing as far as possible so that no seams can be seen on the side.

double vanity with quartz top

Sink cutout double vanity with quartz top

Because its material is anti-permeable, anti-bacterial, easy to clean, and other characteristics, it can also replace marble and ceramic tiles in the bathroom. It can be used in a large area. This may require communication with your home improvement designer in advance because the design, construction process, and kitchen countertops are different. difference.

The bathroom countertop is an important use area in the bathroom. For some families, it is estimated to be used more frequently than the kitchen countertop because cosmetics and other chemical-containing items are placed. Unlike traditional marble, which basically does not penetrate, it is very convenient to clean.

In foreign countries, many designers will use quartz stone countertops to make integral bathroom basins. The shape is economical, the lines are smooth, and the quality is very high. However, the processing technology is very demanding and the cost is also high. It is different from the triviality of ceramic tiles, and the seams between the seams will become black in the later period and it will be difficult to clean up. The wall and floor of quartz stone paving are more integrated. Those who like the atmosphere-saving style can try it. Its installation method is similar to that of marble laying. Method, the wall needs to be hooked and other technologies, and it is necessary to communicate with the construction team.

More areas:
In addition to the kitchen and bathroom, the walls and floors in some common areas of the home can be used, such as bay windows, window frames, dining tables, desks, workbenches, etc., also need to be coordinated by your home improvement designer. Design, in addition, materials with more holes in the kitchen countertop sink can be installed on the window sill with a processing fee.

Now some of the top countertop companies have considered the needs of the wall surface. The style is different from that used in the kitchen countertop, which requires a smooth finish. It will do some special processing with concave and convex, so that it has a more three-dimensional effect when used on the wall, and it is like a light. The artwork also has the practicality of quartz stone, such as non-slip, anti-bacterial, and easy to clean.

When used on the ground, it can also be laid alternately with tiles, etc., which is not only beautiful but also safe and can be non-slip. Quartz stone countertops abroad will cooperate with professional furniture companies to design furniture such as coffee tables and desks. Nowadays, there are fewer in China. If they are to be made, they are custom products, and the price is relatively high, with more materials such as stainless steel.

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China OEM TCE stone quartz

Different from other problems such as being loose and easy to break, quartz stone can also be processed with open carving and other processing techniques due to its compactness. With lighting, it can be placed at home like an exhibit. Of course, it requires high processing machinery and technology and is expensive.

Do not put the hot pan directly or for a long time on the countertop. Avoid directly cutting meat and other products on the countertop, especially at the seams to prevent cracking. You can clean it with clean water at ordinary times, but it can be cleaned with toothpaste regularly after a long time.