1. At present, the mainstream product of cabinet countertops in the market is artificial stone, but the innate deficiency of artificial stone countertops determines that there will be a better material to replace the artificial stone.

1. The artificial stone has poor hardness and low wear resistance: the hardness of the artificial stone is only greater than that of wood and hard plastics. Iron objects can easily scratch the surface, which causes the surface of artificial stone countertops after being used for a period of time. There will be a lot of scratches and need to be polished to restore the original appearance.

2. Poor heat resistance of the artificial stone is another reason that restricts the vitality of the artificial stone: the artificial stone countertop cannot be heated more than 70 degrees for a long time, and the heat resistance for a short time is only more than 100 degrees. The cooking process is inadvertently heated. Putting it on the table will cause serious damage to it, so you must be more careful and careful when using it.

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quartz showroom near me

3. The surface of artificial stone is prone to chemical reactions with other chemical substances, causing local discoloration: When colored plastic bags are placed on a damp countertop, the color will react with the countertop surface, causing the color to attach to the countertop and cannot be cleaned off; tea stains cannot be removed. Clean up in time, the theophylline inside will also react with the countertop; if the tap water on the countertop dries naturally, it will leave white marks that cannot be removed; it can be seen that the artificial stone is relatively fragile.

4. Dust in the processing and installation of artificial stone is another disadvantage: the current artificial stone processing rarely uses water saws and watermills. The dust in the processing is particularly large. Even if workers wear protective tools such as masks, they still cannot Prevent dust, which is serious damage to the health of workers, and it is also not conducive to the development of the artificial stone industry; in addition, during the installation of the cabinet, polishing and polishing on the spot will also create a lot of dust.

2. The shortcomings of artificial stone determine that artificial stone cannot go further. Science is progressing, society is developing, and new materials are constantly appearing. There will be a new material to replace the artificial stone. The emergence of quartz stone has brought challenges to the mainstream market position of artificial stone countertops! Take a look at the characteristics of quartz stone!

1. Quartz stone is extremely hard, highly scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant; iron tools such as shovel blades, wallpaper knives, steel wire balls, etc. cannot scratch it.

2. Extremely high temperature and fire resistance: natural quartz crystal is a typical refractory material, its melting point is as high as 1300 degrees, and the quartz stone made of 94% natural quartz is completely flame retardant and will not burn due to contact with high temperature. It is also artificial Stone and other countertops that have incomparable high-temperature resistance characteristics, and the hot pot will not affect it.

3. Quartz stone has better stability: strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance: this product can resist the corrosion of concentrated sulfuric acid and strong alkali, not to mention the kitchen environment!

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4. Quartz stone processing dust is small, and dust-free installation can basically be realized: Quartz stone processing adapts to water sawing and water milling, which greatly reduces dust; during the installation process, there is no need for large-area polishing and grinding, and accurate measurement, except for splicing on-site. The procedures are completed in the factory, which greatly reduces the dust on the installation site and basically realizes the dust-free installation.

In addition to the above notable features, quartz stone has the same environmental protection performance as artificial stone, but it is not without shortcomings. At present, quartz stone has no way to achieve perfect splicing like artificial stone. Although it can be seamlessly spliced, it can still be spliced. There are traces of splicing. But with the advancement of technology, it will be perfect.

3. Quartz stone completely replaces the market position of artificial stone as a mainstream countertop product, and there is still a way to go.

1. Price has become the main reason for restricting quartz stone: Compared with artificial stone, the price of quartz stone is still much higher. Most consumers cannot accept this relatively high-priced product, but as the market continues to expand, Economies of scale will make costs lower, and intensified competition will also force manufacturers to reduce prices, especially with the localization of quartz stone and the increase in manufacturers, let us see the price drop and the hope of rapid market penetration.

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cemento quartz splash

2. The maturity of the processing technology and the speed of popularization have also become the factors that limit the development of quartz stone: the processing of quartz stone requires relatively high technology, and there are not too many workers who master the processing technology, which also limits the development of quartz stone.

There is no doubt that over time, quartz stone will gradually occupy more market shares and gradually become the mainstream of countertops. Let us wait and see!