At present, the amount of quartz stone used in decoration has far exceeded the amount of natural stone, especially for locations with relatively large wear. Artificial quartz stone is an inevitable development trend in future decorations. However, the quartz stone brands on the market and The colors are dazzling, and the quality is also uneven. During use, some countertops cracked, which made many people have some opinions on quartz stone. How to repair the cracked quartz stone is also a problem that many people pay more attention to!

quartz countertops white with brown veins

China quartz countertops white with brown veins

There is currently no way to completely repair the cracks of quartz stone, and it also brings certain troubles to the quartz stone manufacturers. Now the general repair method can only use professional tools to embed the cracks and use the manufacturer’s original resin glue to mix in Quartz powder, stir and mix well, and match the color with the plate. After the color is determined, it can be filled into the gap. After solidification, use a water-grinding sheet larger than 3000 mesh for polishing and waxing. After the restoration, there will be some discrepancies with the original plates. If you want to be completely consistent, you can’t do it unless you replace the new countertop. As a result, the high cost will be incurred. Any stone has the possibility of cracking. How to avoid stone cracking will be given to you.

1. First of all, when selecting, do not choose other types of artificial stone because of the price. For example, the cracking of artificial granite is relatively large, and the cracking performance will reach more than 50% within two years.

2. The possibility of quartz stone cracking is relatively small. However, there are good and bad quartz stones. Some merchants use granite to pretend to be quartz stone, or some merchants use pouring production technology. Although the price is cheaper, the quality cannot be compared with die-casting plates.

white quartz with brown veins

China white quartz with brown veins

3. Choose a quartz stone from a regular manufacturer, and consider an installation. If you need to make a hole in the kitchen countertop, it is best not to choose an on-site hole. The hand-held cutter used for the hole is now easy to cause chipping or small cracks. Time cannot be opened.

4. The flatness of the cabinet should be adjusted before the installation of the countertop, and it should be adjusted again after a period of use to avoid the countertop from cracking due to the deformation of the cabinet.