Nowadays, quartz stone has become a popular decorative stone in the home improvement market. However, because the quartz stone itself has a hard texture, polishing the surface of the stone will cause the stone to lose its gloss, and the splicing will be different from the surface of the plate; if the countertop processing and installation skills are not Meticulousness will also result in obvious seams and affect the overall appearance. Is there really no way to make it completely invisible? Why is ordinary artificial stone OK?

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Because of the high hardness of the quartz stone itself, the fast water sawing speed will cause the quartz particles to collapse, so the edge is rough after cutting, and gaps will naturally occur when splicing. Seamless stitching is more difficult. Even if the quartz stone can be done, it cannot be processed as before after being polished. Artificial stone is softer than quartz stone and will not lose color after polishing. Can the seaming machines currently on the market be able to do it?

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Let’s first look at the key points of quartz stone splicing

1. Before the quartz stone is spliced, check whether the splicing surface is consistent and flat. If there are unevenness or quality problems, it will affect the splicing effect. The easiest way to avoid the mismatch of the joints is to place the two stones on a flat surface and fix them with clamps or suction cup tensioners, and then use a grinder (or seamless splicing machine) to polish them. The interface is completely consistent.

2. In order to ensure that there are no gaps in the joints, the joints should be polished with sandpaper before splicing, and the joints should be cleaned and wiped. Finally, the joints can be spliced ​​after confirming that the joints are completely aligned and flat.

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In fact, whether the quartz stone can be seamlessly spliced ​​depends mainly on the skills of the processing master, and all the tools only play an auxiliary role. However, seamless splicing is completely achieved, splicing and polishing must be very detailed, and the consistency and uniformity of the pattern must be considered for the multi-color board and the pattern board.