The equipment used in the quartz color-matching experiment includes electronic scales, beakers, glasses, stirring rods, etc. All equipment must be clean and dry before the start of the experiment.

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The following are the specific steps of the quartz color-matching experiment:

1. Take 100g of quartz stone below 40 mesh (0.1-0.3mm) and place it in a beaker (the volume of the beaker is 250 or 500ml) or a hard plastic cup. Soft plastic cups cannot be used;

2. Weigh the toner to the nearest 0.01g. The toner should be weighed on paper and added to the beaker after the weighing is accurate. If the formula requires several different toners, measure them separately, and add them to the beaker according to the required amount, from more to less, to the beaker and stir with a clean glass round rod until it is uniform;

3. Take a 10*250px glass piece, take out about one-third of the mixed toner and place it on the glass piece, add 400 mesh quartz powder, stir well, add resin and stir until it is uniform. The amount of quartz powder and resin is added according to the base and the ratio of quartz sand;

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4. Take a 2*125px glass sheet, apply the mixed color paste on its surface, and look through the glass to observe whether its color is consistent with the desired color. Then adjust the amount of each component until the required color stone is blended;

5. After the required color of the blending place, the small sample stone experiment can be done;

6. When doing a small sample experiment, the amount of mixing material is 5 times the actual amount required.

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