At present, China’s large ceramic companies have annual sales of more than 5 billion yuan, and medium-sized ceramic companies also have annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan. However, there are only 1-2 large enterprises in the artificial stone industry and quartz stone industry in China that have annual sales of 500 million to 1 billion yuan. Most of the large and medium-sized enterprises are between 50 million and 200 million yuan. Companies only have annual sales of 20-30 million yuan, and the sales of small and medium-sized enterprises are even lower. How to promote the quartz stone industry into scale and branding? How to create a strong industry supply group? We must think hard.

white stone slab

Quartz Calacatta white stone slab

For China, Western ideas may be the most advanced, but the experience of Eastern neighbors may be the most applicable. Chinese companies start from small workshops and enter engineering operations. This requires a long way to go, and it also requires a solid corporate foundation. For the development of the quartz stone industry to make a qualitative leap, it must be developed through the “hidden rules” of enterprise development, rather than the mentality of “complementary” projects. We need quartz stone to drive artificial stone products to become one of the most important building materials industries in the world, and we also hope that quartz stone and upgraded products will become the first choice for home improvement and tooling.

We must have the ability to produce capital and raw materials. We continue to see the electrical industry in Guangdong and other regions of China move forward at an alarming speed. We have also witnessed the brilliance of Huawei and Lenovo Group and then reflect on the changes in the ceramic industry.

Most of the existing quartz raw material suppliers are small-scale, high processing costs, and poor supply capacity. With these suppliers, can they cooperate well with the large-scale and industrialization of quartz? Can’t! High-quality quartz stone enterprises must establish their own quartz sand mining areas, and must have large-scale quartz sand processing capabilities, coupled with strong product development capabilities, to achieve the establishment and growth of ultra-large-scale quartz stone enterprises.

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Quartz stone countertop slabs for sale

Build a perfect enterprise management system

The rapid development of international companies in the world is not because their countries’ reform and opening up time are early, but developed countries have a commonality-they can establish a market environment that keeps pace with the times, so that the market environment guides outstanding companies to a new market. In a good management environment, a complete enterprise management system is finally formed.

Shareholders of Fortune 500 companies, are you worried that companies in other countries will be eaten by internal managers? Will it be impossible to control the management of the company? In fact, these are all determined by human resources and corporate management structure. Didn’t the courts in ancient China also require the monarch to be “near virtuous minister, far away villain”? The virtuous minister is the “two in one” of the loyal minister and the good minister, and the human resource structure is one of the most critical factors for the success of an enterprise. For example, China has vast land and abundant resources, and there are many provinces and cities. How to manage, how to authorize, and how to supervise, are all well solved by organizational behavior and human resources. If an enterprise lacks an organization and guiding ideology in its sales and channel management, personnel training, and market control capabilities, the development of the enterprise will be “calcium-deficient” and there may be a structural crisis. No matter how large it is, we believe that these companies lack a rigorous management system that is difficult to form in the development of big brands. This rigorous management system is the crystallization of the overall development of big brands from value to management, and it is also the foundation of brand enterprises.

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OEM Quartz stone MSI slabs

Looking at Chinese ceramics brands from the world’s brands, and driving the quartz stone brand from Chinese ceramics brands, we understand that the quartz stone industry needs a big brand like ceramics to drive and drive.