A good overall cabinet must have a good countertop. In the decoration of the kitchen, the cabinet is the most important place. Nowadays, clean and tidy overall kitchens are more popular. Therefore, the choice of cabinet countertops is very important when creating overall cabinets.

What types of stone cabinet countertops are there, what are the differences between them, and which one is suitable for your home? The editor of Meizhaike will help you sort out the types and advantages and disadvantages of commonly used cabinet stone countertops. I believe it will be helpful to your decoration material selection.

quartz stone for kitchen top

China colored quartz stone for kitchen top

1. Artificial cabinet countertops.
Artificial stone currently includes Yakeli stone, synthetic stone, microcrystalline stone, terrazzo, a total of 4 categories of common product names.

The overall characteristics are abrasion resistance, acid resistance, and high-temperature resistance. Different types of abrasion resistance and high-temperature resistance have different degrees, but the overall characteristics are better than natural stone.

Advantages of artificial stone:
1. Because the artificial stone countertop is an artificial stone, it has the functions of impact resistance, bending resistance, compression resistance, and penetration resistance more than other stones, and its ability to resist wear, acid and high temperature is also very strong.

2. The artificial stone countertop has a complete variety of colors and colors, which can be integrally formed and can be repeatedly polished and innovated.

3. If you think the artificial stone countertop is too short or too narrow, it doesn’t matter, it can be seamlessly bonded at any length, and there is no trace of the bonding.

4. Because there are no pores on the surface of artificial stone countertops, oil and water stains cannot easily penetrate into the interior. The dirt on the surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth and detergent, so it has strong anti-fouling power.

Disadvantages of artificial stone countertops:
1. Because it is artificially made, it lacks naturalness, and the texture is relatively fake compared to real stone.

2. Any artificial thing cannot be the same in quality, so you must choose a reputable and guaranteed brand when choosing.

3. It can’t withstand the damage of metal and other “sharp objects”, and the price is high. You can’t change it at will, so you must pay attention to maintenance.

(1) Do not place high-temperature objects directly or for a long time on the artificial stone table.

(2) Never use the artificial stone countertop as a cutting board. Please use the cutting board when cutting vegetables.

(3) Keep the artificial stone surface as dry as possible.

(4) Strictly prevent strong chemicals from contacting the surface of artificial stone.

skara brae quartz

Skara brae quartz kitchen countertops

2. Marble cabinet countertops.
Advantages of marble cabinets:
1. The embodiment of identity: The price of this kind of stone is generally relatively high, the patterns are various, and there are many styles and colors for consumers to choose from. Use marble to decorate beautifully, high-grade, many wealthy people choose marble, and slowly it has become a symbol of status.

2. Because it is stone, it has good high-temperature resistance and waterproof performance. Cooking is done on the cabinet, so it is a good choice to use marble in such an environment.

3. The surface is smooth but not easy to scratch.

4. Marble cabinets are easy to clean. Generally, just wipe them with a damp cloth and detergent, and keep them dry at ordinary times.

Disadvantages of marble cabinets:
1. Generally, marbles need to be spliced, so the cracks are easy to breed bacteria, which will have an impact on health for a long time.

2. This kind of stone has high hardness, but no elasticity. If it is hit by a heavy blow, it is prone to cracks, and once the stain penetrates into it, it is difficult to clean it, which affects the appearance of the cabinet.

3. There will be obvious seams at the splicing, which is not beautiful.

4. Every kind of stone has different degrees of radiation, so does marble. Consumers must choose standard stone for decoration.

Marble cabinet maintenance method:
1. Wipe with a soft cloth or sponge dampened with warm water. You don’t need too much water to clean, as long as the soft cloth and sponge are slightly damp.

2. If the surface of the cabinet is dirty due to less cleaning, you can wipe it with some dry borax and a damp cloth, and finally, wipe it with a dry cloth. After cleaning, the marble becomes very shiny.

3. In the process of using the cabinets in ordinary times, pay attention to avoid contact with chemicals, strong acid detergents, etc., if you accidentally contact them, clean them up in time.

vena carbona quartz

vena Carbona quartz stone countertops

Three, quartz stone cabinet countertops
Quartz stone is made of about 93% quartz crystal particles, plus pigments, resins, glues, and antibacterial agents, and then made under vacuum, high temperature, and high pressure. Many people ask that there is a difference between quartz stone and artificial stone. Strictly speaking, quartz stone is also a kind of artificial stone, which is a combination of artificial stone and natural stone.

1. In terms of plasticity:
Artificial stone: There are almost no design restrictions, unlimited creativity, and unlimited performance.
Quartz stone: It uses a higher content of quartz crystal as the main structure to make the texture harder and more compact. It is not easy to make special shapes, and its plasticity is lower than that of artificial stone.

2. In terms of anti-fouling and scratch resistance:
Artificial stone: easy to produce scratches, easy to bleed, pay attention to maintenance when using.
Quartz stone: It has the characteristics of wear resistance, scratch resistance, and anti-permeability that other materials can’t match.

3. In terms of repairability:
Artificial stone: After damage, it can be repaired by repairing, grinding, and polishing to prolong the service life.
Quartz stone: Because of the hardness of quartz stone, once an exception is made, it is not as easy to repair as artificial stone. Under normal circumstances, the quartz stone does not need to be taken care of.

4. In terms of heat resistance:
Artificial stone: It is not heat-resistant or high-temperature resistant. It is recommended not to put heat-producing utensils directly on the surface, and heat insulation pads can be used.
Quartz stone: Although it is more heat-resistant than ordinary materials, for long-term use, it is recommended not to put heat-generating utensils directly on the surface, and heat insulation pads can be used.

5. In terms of price:
The price of quartz stone countertops is more expensive than the price of artificial stone countertops.
At present, the most commonly used cabinet countertops on the market are quartz stones. The marble is elegant and malleable, and there are reasons for its existence. As for which one you choose, it depends on your personal preference, compares the pros and cons, and choose the one you like. The one that best suits your home.