What is the artificial stone? Artificial stone is a kind of mineral-filled polymer composite board made of natural ore powder, high-performance resin, and natural pigments through vacuum casting or compression molding. It can be divided into artificial calcium powder board, aluminum powder board, acrylic, composite acrylic, artificial granite, and quartz stone. The hardness and appearance of artificial granite and quartz stone are comparable to those of natural stone. Today we mainly understand the difference between artificial granite and quartz stone!

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Artificial marble is also called a synthetic stone, reconstructed stone, and engineered stone. It uses natural marble scraps and stone powder as the main filler, and organic resin as the cementing agent. Quartz stone is synthesized from more than 93% quartz sand and 7% resin. The raw material contains up to 93% quartz sand and is named quartz stone. Both are artificial stone plates made by vacuum, high pressure, furnace heating and curing sawing grinding, polishing, and other processes.

So what is the difference between quartz stone and granite?

1. The Mohs hardness of quartz stone can be as high as 7 degrees, while the hardness of granite is generally 4-6 degrees, that is, quartz stone is harder than granite, and is more resistant to scratching and abrasion.

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2. Quartz stone can be reused because the internal material of quartz stone is evenly distributed, the front and back sides can achieve the same effect as the original front after simple polishing and grinding, while the granite cannot be reused, Because the front of the stone is specially treated, once damaged, it cannot be repaired.

3. Due to the characteristics of its own material, quartz stone determines its high-temperature resistance. The temperature below 300 ° will not have any effect on it. However, because of the large amount of resin, quartz stone is particularly prone to deformation and Shows the phenomenon of burning.

4. Quartz stone is a non-toxic, non-radiation product and has no adverse effects on the human body; while granite is made of natural marble powder, so it may have radiation and cause adverse effects on the human body.

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In terms of price, the price of quartz stone is much higher than that of granite, so the problem of using granite as quartz stone should be prevented when buying. All products have their own advantages and disadvantages, there is no good or bad, only suitable is the best!