What is artificial quartz stone? What are its characteristics?
Artificial quartz stone is composed of more than 93% natural quartz and about 7% of pigments, resins, and other additives for adjusting bonding and curing. It is a plate processed by negative pressure vacuum, high-frequency vibration molding, heating, and curing (the temperature is based on the type of curing agent and the production method is processed. Its texture is hard (Mohs hardness 6-7), and the structure is dense (density) 2.5g/cubic centimeter) has the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-permeation that other decorative materials can’t match.

pental quartz calacatta

pental quartz Calacatta countertops

1. Long-lasting and beautiful surface: compact structure, no microporous, no water absorption, strong stain resistance, the daily condiments in the cabinet can not penetrate at all, after precise polishing, the surface of the product is easy to clean and take care of and can maintain a long-lasting luster, Beautiful as new.

2. No scratching: The content of quartz is as high as 93%. Quartz crystal is a natural mineral whose hardness is second only to diamond in nature. Its surface hardness can be as high as 6-7 on the Mohs scale, which is much larger than the sharp tools used in the kitchen such as knives and shovels. I Will not be scratched by it. The surface hardness of the product is higher than that of ordinary ironware, and any household items can be placed on the countertop (but avoid diamonds, sandpaper, cemented carbide, and other high-hardness items from scratching the countertop).

3. Dirt resistance: Quartz stone is a dense and non-porous composite material manufactured under vacuum conditions, with a water absorption rate of only 0.03%. The quartz surface has excellent corrosion resistance to kitchen acid and alkali, and the liquid substances used daily will not penetrate the inside. The liquid placed on the surface for a long time only needs to be wiped with water or detergent with a rag. When using a blade to scrape the remnants on the surface.

calacatta botanica quartz kitchen

Calacatta botanica quartz kitchen countertops

4. Anti-burn: The surface of quartz stone has a very high resistance to burns. It is currently the best temperature-resistant material except for stainless steel. Natural quartz crystal is a typical refractory material. Its melting point is as high as 1300 degrees and 93% natural quartz. The manufactured quartz stone is completely flame-retardant and will not burn due to exposure to high temperatures. It also has high-temperature resistance characteristics that cannot be matched by artificial stone and other countertops.

5. Anti-aging and non-fading: There is no aging phenomenon at normal temperature; the color will not change too much if it is not irradiated under strong sunlight all year round. The shiny and bright surface has undergone more than 30 complex polishing treatments. It will not be scratched by a knife, will not penetrate into liquid substances, and will not cause yellowing and discoloration. Daily cleaning only needs to be rinsed with water. , Simple and easy. Even after a long period of use, its surface is as beautiful as a newly installed countertop, and there is no need for stone conservation and maintenance like other stone countertops.

one quartz calacatta

one quartz Calacatta white countertops

6. Non-toxic and non-radiation: The surface of the quartz stone is smooth, flat and no scratches are retained. The dense and non-porous material structure makes bacteria nowhere to hide. The material is manufactured through the US NSF certification and can be directly contacted with food. It is completely non-toxic and non-toxic. radiation. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly: using aluminum hydroxide powder as the filler, will not emit any odor, healthy and non-radiation.

7. Rich colors: Through the careful preparation of toner, all possible colors can be deployed.