The quartz stone market is on the track of rapid development, and the application demand for quartz stone continues to increase so that some large-scale quartz stone manufacturers can develop rapidly. For this reason, the quartz stone market in my country is chaotic, and the price gap between quartz stones is increasing. . The most important thing is that some small quartz stone manufacturers are still copycats, occupying the market at low prices, making the gap in the quality of quartz stone growing.

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The main reason for the poor quality of quartz stone: the control of production materials, quartz stone is synthesized from quartz sand and unsaturated resin as the main raw materials. With the continuous improvement of the quartz stone standard, the classification of quartz sand and resin is also more refined, and the price of raw materials has also opened a certain distance, so the quality of raw materials has a certain impact on the quality of plates. Quartz stone production equipment, quartz stone plates have strict requirements on production equipment.

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The main thing is the press. For example, it is simple to require the press to reach -95 or more in a vacuum, and the press pressure to reach 50 tons or more. The different strengths of quartz stone manufacturers are also the key to the quality of quartz stone produced.

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